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Did you know that Pinterest can be a great source of information and tips on the topic of Employee Engagement? We have selected our top 10 accounts you should follow if you want to find out how to keep your employees engaged:

1. Officevibe

Officevibe is a great account to follow on all topics around measuring and improving employee engagement in your team.

2. Aventr

Aventr is a great account to follow if you are interested in employee engagement and recognition. 

3. The Talent Leader – Leadership + Management Tips

The Talent Leader has lots of interesting pins about management tips and how to be a good leader. 

4. Vantage Circle

Follow Vantage Circle to get their latest pins about employee engagement and motivation.

5. Company Culture Infographics

Their interesting infographics on employee motivation will brighten up your day!

6. BambooHR

BammbooHR has a lot on topics related to HR, including employee motivation and engagement.

7. HappyPerks

If you want to learn more about how to use rewards to increase employee engagement, visit HappyPerks’ Pinterest!

8. CompTeam

CompTeam covers a variety of topics – from employee engagement ideas to leadership tips.

9. Workstars

Workstars uses its great positive energy to celebrate shared values and reward great people.

10. TerryBerry

Terryberry is taking advantage of their long experience and international clients to create the most helpful employee engagement boards on Pinterest. 

We hope these 10 Pinterest profiles will inspire you! Don’t forget to follow BRAVO! on Pinterest too:

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