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Not taking employee recognition seriously can have dire consequences to the success of a company. Continue reading to find out our top 10 reasons why you shouldn’t ignore employee recognition:

1. Employee productivity

One of the biggest positive consequences of employee recognition is that individual as well as team productivity increases! By outlining what behaviour is desirable, you encourage your employees to do better. This leads to managing more work more efficiently.

2. Working culture

There are many factors that contribute to the working culture in a company. However, recognizing your employees will increase job satisfaction and lead to a happy working culture. A positive working culture will not only make everyday tasks easier but also improve the image of your company.

3. Building relationships with your employees

Building a relationship between a manager and their staff is easily done when employee recognition is involved. By acknowledging your employees’ efforts you build a bond with them so that they feel comfortable sharing their ideas or criticism. 

4. Identifying star players in your company

A rewards program is not only great for morale but it will also help you identify who your star players are. You can easily outline who your best employees are and reward them for their work, thus convincing them to stay with you.

5. Team spirit

Employee recognition is not only in direction from manager to employee but also among team members. An employee rewards system gives the opportunity to say thanks to your colleague. This leads to higher team spirit and camaraderie.

6. Employee retention

Another important reason why you shouldn’t be ignoring employee recognition is because it dramatically increases employee retention. This also leads to higher employee loyalty and reduced absenteeism.

7. Employee engagement

Employee recognition is closely related to employee engagement! The more engaged your employees are, the more likely they are to stay for longer with your company and to have higher job satisfaction rates.

8. Alignment of values between a company and an employee

One of the biggest reasons why employees leave is because their personal values do not align with the company’s values. Therefore, recognize your employees when their actions reconfirm your company’s values.

9. Proof that you care about your employees

Often employees feel detached from their workplace, especially when they feel like nobody cares about or sees what they do. By using an employee rewards system you demonstrate that you care about them and their work is valued.

10. Proof that your employees matter

Finally, our 10th reason why you shouldn’t ignore employee recognition is because by rewarding your employees you show them that they matter. It is not unusual for an employee to feel like their work makes no impact. Therefore, tie the rewards you give to positive feedback you receive from customers. In this way, you will show your staff how their efforts make a direct impact on somebody’s life!

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