Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition makes people feel good about their work and themselves. It also encourages employees to keep up the hard work. Positivity encourages employees to work with focus and add powerful value to the company. 

More so, recognition is not just restricted to make people feel good. Instead, it also has an important impact on key business standards, including productivity, engagement, and retention.

Your people want to receive appreciation for a job well done, and you probably already know that. Because why would you be on this page otherwise? 

11 Ways To Completely Revamp Your Employee Recognition

Moreover, assuming that you already have an employee recognition strategy in place. Here are eleven super simple ways to scale up your employee recognition game.


BRAVO Employee Recognition

The simplest and one of the most meaningful forms of employee recognition is saying ‘thank you.’ This one takes a little effort, but this goes a long way with employee recognition. 

If you want to recognize an accomplishment or achievement, handing out certificates is a great idea. When given out in moderation, certificates can be a great way of helping an employee feel proud of something they have achieved. 

More so, your employees can show off their accomplishments by displaying these certificates. For example, they can put these certificates on their cabin walls or desks using decent frames.


BRAVO Employee Recognition

You might show employee recognition by surprising them with random treats or days out. For example, you could leave a little basket of gifts on their desks or even surprise your team with a day away at the weekend to let them spend quality time with their families.

Ordering your employees’ favorite fast food on Fridays for their extra effort is also a superb idea. Scheduling a date each month where people can earn a place at the dinner table with senior management is a great way to enforce employee recognition. 

Instead of arranging an informal lunch, you could create a whole event where employees are allowed to prepare a pitch and attempt to sell their idea to their seniors.


BRAVO Employee Recognition

A quick and easy way to show employee recognition is to give them a shout-out on your official social media feeds. Also, you can highlight team accomplishments in a monthly staff newsletter.

Doing so would make your recognition reach a new level. When you take employee recognition to public portals, you are appreciating them in front of a bigger audience: that includes their friends and families as well.


Congratulate employees on their work anniversary and thank them for their continued hard work, dedication, and loyalty to the organization.

These are just a few of the ways to show employee recognition to your employees. Along with their accomplishments, improvements of employees shall also be recognized. Through these simple employee recognition tactics, you will be able to improve employee engagement massively.


BRAVO Employee Recognition

Encourage employees to take time off by paying for their trip. Competitive companies can pay for a family member’s vacation as well. 

While this might cost your company money, it’s an effective way to recognize an employee for doing a good job. 

It will motivate your employees and they will be far less likely to leave your company knowing you have invested in their well-being by encouraging them to take time off from work.


BRAVO Recognition

This improves engagement and even sales numbers. Another suggestion for employee recognition is to let the employee choose the charity they want to donate to and support their initiative in that regard. 

This denotes that your company is invested in supporting your employees in and outside of the workplace.


BRAVO Recognition

If you want your employees to stick longer with your company, investing in their careers would be a fine move.

Employees who believe they can grow in a company are more likely to stay. If a company can show that they are interested in helping develop their employees’ careers they are also investing in their company’s future in the long run. 

Offer to help fund their higher education and prove your devotion to your staff by investing in their career development.


BRAVO Employee Recognition

Although financial incentives are not always the only source of motivation, they can still signify appreciation for the task well done. 

The best financial incentives are unlimited and uncertain because they motivate people to work their best at all times.


BRAVO Recognition

Workers love to be recognized for their outside activities, hobbies, and passions because it prevents people from feeling as if they are just there to work. Taking care of the passions of your employees, you can instill creativity and productivity.


If you set aside fixed times for your team to take time out from work and visit the gym, you might even find that this becomes a very refreshing and healthy experience for the employees.

You may even find that people who do not visit the gym are encouraged by their colleagues. It is also worth mentioning that spending time at the gym ensures your employee’s physical and mental well-being, which in turn can improve their productivity.


BRAVO Recognition

Instead of compelling employees to battle through their tiredness and fatigue to meet targets, you might want to offer them the option of a power nap.

An ideal way to do this is to have a quiet room full of comfortable chairs, recliners, and sofas specifically for this purpose.

The True Value of Employee Recognition / Conclusion:

Employee recognition encourages productivity, profits and generates new ideas. When your employees enjoy coming to work, they work harder and dedicate more time to help your company reach its goals and targets. 

Companies that invest in employee recognition programs report higher engagement levels and better financial results than those that do not make this investment.

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