There is no doubt that Employee Recognition holds immense importance in workplaces today. Hard work, especially in the office, should never go unappreciated. Employees and employers can both gain from recognizing individual work.

Employee turnover rates tend to grow when they are unhappy. Employee appreciation programs have a 31 percent lower voluntary departure rate.

It’s time to take a closer look at your employee recognition program if you want to keep your turnover rates low, your staff happy, and your productivity high.

What is Employee Recognition, and Why is it important?

Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is when a company’s employees are praised for their outstanding work. 

Employee recognition in the office essentially serves to encourage certain behaviors, practices, or actions that lead to improved performance and beneficial business outcomes.

According to a survey by Branson Hall Group, firms with a recognition culture have greater employee retention and engagement rates than those that do not.

Employees are more likely to stay pleased in their jobs if they feel valued and recognized. It’s worth mentioning, though, that acknowledgment should come from a position of sincerity rather than calculating.

Employee appreciation programs that are successful produce the following outcomes:

Increased Output: 

Increased Output

Employees will be inspired to work more and participate more actively in group activities if they believe their efforts are appreciated and their work contributes to the company’s goals.

Improved Retention:

Improved Retention

Employees quit organizations for a variety of reasons, one of which is a lack of appreciation for their contributions. 

Companies that continuously demonstrate gratitude for their employees’ efforts have reduced turnover rates, according to statistics.

What are the examples of recognition for employees in the workplace?

Verbal praise, monetary prizes, personalized presents, and enjoyable activities or experiences are all ways to demonstrate your appreciation for your staff.

Knowing how your employees desire to be recognized will help you pick which sorts of employee recognition to use on a regular basis. 

Here are a few things you may put in place to assist your staff gets recognized for their hard work.

Examples of Employee Recognition In The Workplace
  • Life Service Awards
  • Best Customer Service Award
  • Surprise Parties
  • Official Tours
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Employee Wall of Fame
  • Social Media Shoutouts
  • Assorted Monetary Rewards
  • Free Meals, etc.

Top Twitter Accounts For Employee Recognition

For anybody new to Employee Recognition, Twitter is a great place to start learning more. We have created a list of the top 12 accounts on Twitter we follow to get the latest news about the industry.

Click on each title to see the Twitter profile.


BRAVO Employee Recognition

BRAVO’s Twitter handle is chock-full of team management advice for stronger leaders and teams. They assist you in transforming your corporate culture into a competitive advantage. 

They provide articles on a regular basis about how to create, measure, and grow a successful workplace culture. More so, you will find insightful infographics on their wall as well.

2. Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway shares great tips on how to attract, engage and retain employees with an engagement platform.

3.  KudosNow


KudosNow helpful videos and webinars on various employee recognition topics give you valuable insights into why and how to empower managers and employees to give meaningful recognition in real-time.

4. Bonusly


Bonusly’s Twitter account is not only full of helpful articles, but their gif game is on point! Their positive attitude will not only brighten your day but will also make Employee Recognition fun!

5. Workstars


Workstars use their great positive energy to celebrate shared values and reward great people.

6. MyEmployees


Follow MyEmployees to get the latest news about the world of Employee Recognition!

11. is posting some wonderful articles and daily tips and advice on leadership, company culture building, and more.

8. Blueboard


Blueboard shares interesting articles on a variety of topics, from how to create an employee referral program that actually works to how to win across the employee lifecycle!

9. Terryberry


Terryberry is taking advantage of its long experience and international clients to create and post the most helpful articles in the Employee Recognition industry. You definitely won’t regret following them!

10. Teamphoria


Teamphoria helps you turn your company culture into your ultimate competitive advantage. They frequently post articles on how to build, measure, and grow thriving company culture.

11. Officevibe


Officevibe’s Twitter page is filled with helpful team management tips for better leaders and better teams.

12. Awardco


Awardco’s focus is on the importance of Employee Recognition, and they do deliver!

Ending Note

The internet is filled with inspiring content creators and platforms that promote Employee Recognition. However, what matters is what you as an employer learn from them and how you implement that learning into your organization.

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