For anybody new to Employee Recognition, Twitter is a great place to start learning more. We have created a list of the top 12 accounts on Twitter we follow to get the latest news about the industry.

Click on each title to see the Twitter profile.

1. Reward Gateway

Reward Gateway shares great tips on how to attract, engage and retain employees with an engagement platform.

2.  KudosNow

KudosNow helpful videos and webinars on various employee recognition topics give you valuable insights into why and how to empower managers and employees to give meaningful recognition in real time.

3. Bonusly

Bonusly’s Twitter account is not only full of helpful articles, but their gif game is on point! Their positive attitude will not only brighten your day, but will also make Employee Recognition fun!

4. Workstars

Workstars uses their great positive energy to celebrate shared values and reward great people.

5. MyEmployees

Follow MyEmployees to get the latest news about the world of Employee Recognition!

6. OC Tanner

OC Tanner frequently posts about articles and tips about how to create a company culture, where employees can thrive.

7. Blueboard

Blueboard shares interesting articles on a variety of topics, from how to create an employee referral program that actually works to how to win across the employee lifecycle!

8. Terryberry

Terryberry is taking advantage of their long experience and international clients to create and post the most helpful articles in the Employee Recognition industry. You definitely won’t regret following them!

9. Teamphoria

Teamphoria helps you turn your company culture into your ultimate competitive advantage. They post frequently articles on how to build, measure and grow thriving company culture.

10. Officevibe

Officevibe’s Twitter page is filled with helpful team management tips for better leaders and better teams.

11. is posting some wonderful articles and daily tips and advice on leadership, company culture building and more.

12. Awardco

Awardco’s focus is on the importance of Employee Recognition and they do deliver!

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