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We have all experienced moments when our motivation at work is wavering. This is why we created this easy to follow 12-step list to finding the perfect employee motivation:

1. Work environment

Your work environment can play a very strong role in determining how motivated your employees feel. Are your employees dreading coming to the office or do they feel relaxed and comfortable at work? Open up the conversation with them and ask them what they would change to make the work environment more friendly and implement their ideas. 

2. Recognize achievements

Nobody likes working hard and not having their achievements recognized. Therefore, if upper management puts the effort to give credit when credit is due and spends more time thinking about employee recognition, employees will feel more valued and appreciated.

3. Use rewards

Using employee rewards based on customer feedback is one of the best ways to motivate your staff. In this way, you show them that their good work has a direct impact on the final customer and on the success of the company. Thus, you reinforce their positive behaviour so that they repeat it over and over again. 

4. Open communication

Having open communication with your staff can make them feel more motivated! By asking the right questions and giving your employees the opportunity to voice concerns and discuss ideas, you can not only increase their job satisfaction but also gain valuable insights about improving your processes. 

5. Friendly competition

Sometimes challenging your employees to perform better can be done by organizing a friendly competition. This will increase their team spirit and employee engagement.

6. Set relevant goals

Nothing discourages an employee more than knowing that they will never be able to achieve their goals. Therefore, set relevant and achievable goals for each individual employee so that they have the drive to work hard to achieve it.

12 Steps to Finding the Perfect Employee Motivation

7. Have clear career paths

Step 6 and 7 go hand in hand: you need to make your employees’ career paths clear, so that they know what they are working towards. In addition, always offer trainings and mentoring so that your employees can learn the skills required for the position they are trying to get.

8. Show by example

Leaders are the ones employees look up to and try to emulate. Therefore, set an example by being highly motivated and having a positive mindset and watch your employees follow!

9. Use creativity

Another step to finding the perfect employee motivation is to use creativity. Ask you employees what motivates them and ask them to get creative. Even simple things like what or where the next team event should be can stir their creativity and increase their involvement levels.

10. Teamwork

Often employees motivate each other, however, to do so, you need proper teamwork. Make working together fun and encourage team-building activities.

11.  No bad ideas

Make sure to listen to all ideas you employees might have. Welcome all ideas, even if some of them sound inconceivable. You never know where a silly idea might lead – in some cases it might inspire greatness!

12. Boredom is the enemy

Finally, treat boredom as your biggest enemy! When your employees are bored with their work, they are simply not productive. Therefore, (even if their job is actually boring), make sure to engage them in other activities! For example, show them our selection of top 10 hilarious videos about employee engagement!

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