Nowadays, for companies keeping their employees satisfied is of prime importance. For employees satisfaction, one of the key factors is the employee’s recognition. It lifts the morale of the employees. Companies are now focussing more on employees reward systems and seeking ways how to incentivize them according to the efforts they are putting in the company.

There are several apps that you can use for the employee’s recognition and reward system. What these apps actually do?

These apps are integrating with the employee’s feedback and reward system and help the company to give a necessary recognition to the employees. This helps the HR department to consider it while evaluating the employees and this will create a great difference.

Here is the list of the popular employee’s reward and feedback applications that you can use to appreciate them.


This is an app in which a user can share his thoughts upon the respective issue. In this, members of the company can share their views regarding the certain problem and the other members of the team can also vote in order to show the alliance. They can also ask for the feedback directly and afterwards, can generate the reports.


This is another employees recognition platform in which the members of the team or the team lead give several points to their peers. These points are based upon certain perimeters and the values. If the members are fulfilling their tasks and performing their job well then certain points are rewarded. Later on, these points are redeemed for different products and gifts.


Bonusly is also like a Youearnedit. In this monthly allowances are given to the employees on the basis of the tasks they perform. Upon the successful completion of their tasks, they are given certain points. These points are later on converted into the dollars which the employees can enjoy.

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