Evaluate Engagement Metrics Of Your Hospitality Team With These Questions

Employee Engagement is a famous buzzword from the world of human resources, which mainly measures the business’s success. This phenomenon clearly states that when the staff of any brand is satisfied with their jobs, they are much more likely to be highly engaged and productive. 

Believe it or not, different surveys around the world state that many people in the world hate their jobs. Some may not like their bosses, others dislike their coworkers, and many other reasons make it difficult for them to work. 

There are also some who feel like their hard work is never recognized. Meanwhile, some might complain about being underpaid. 

But the point to focus on here is how will you know whether your hotel staff is satisfied with their jobs or not? 

All you need to do as hotel management is ask them straightforwardly in staff engagement surveys.

In this article, we’ll list down four questions to ask your hospitality staff and help you understand your staff’s current position.

How Important is Employee Engagement in the Hospitality Industry? 

A hotel’s happy and productive staff will help you deliver better services to your customers. Here are some essential stats which clearly explain the importance of employee engagement in the hospitality industry: 

  • The team at Aon Hewitt calculated that for every percentage point of improvement, revenue jumps by 0.6%.
  • Virgin Airlines published on its website, “If you treat your staff well, they will be pleased. A motivated staff is a proud staff, and proud staff results in excellent customer service, which boosts business success.”
  • Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace report revealed that only 33% of employees are engaged at work, suggesting businesses aren’t doing enough to create challenging, rewarding work environments.
  • Moreover, Starbucks has long been praised for how well it treats, invests in, and listens to its employees.

However, neglecting the employee engagement factor in your hotel can affect your place’s high turnover rates, massive hiring and training costs, and a shrinking labor pool. 

Thus, this gives restaurants and hotel management good reason to invest in employee engagement practices and regularly evaluate their implemented programs. 

Ways to Build Employee Trust

How to Evaluate Employee Engagement Metrics in Your Hospitality Staff? 

So, how can you measure happiness? 

Well, the simple and easiest way to measure staff engagement and satisfaction is to circulate regular surveys.

Genuine engagement comes from giving managers the tools they need to transform how they communicate to and with their teams. 

Looking, listening, and asking—three simple daily acts we all do are proven ways to create a workplace where staff feels valued, accountable, motivated, and involved. 

Building a communication culture also helps restaurateurs pinpoint what’s working well, what might work better, and what isn’t working.

track and measure engagement

4 Critical Questions to Ask Your Hospitality Staff in Employee Engagement Surveys

All leading hotels and restaurants understand that a workplace is a living organism with which a “pulse” of its own. 

This “pulse” is made out of the dedication, morale, and motivation of all your staff. And the best way to measure, analyze, and gain insight into the health of your hotel chain is through the employee engagement survey.

Our human resources experts have compiled these 4 major questions with their categories that you cannot afford to ignore in your surveys: 

Category 1: Organizational Relation and Employee Satisfaction

Question: Will You Be Working For The Same Brand Chain For The Next 5 Years?

A happy staff member acts as a word-of-mouth promotion tool for the business. Hence this question holds immense significance in the survey. 

If the answer to this question is no, it should ring alarm bells within the hotel management and call for immediate corrective measures. However, When employees have a sense of direction and how they fit in the long-term broader company vision, it positively impacts job satisfaction.

Category 2: Teamwork and Employee Engagement Survey

Question: Does your team provide you support at work whenever needed?

Research has proved that teamwork culture has a direct impact on job satisfaction. If you have great coworkers, there are higher chances of living a happy work life. Moreover, working in a team helps everyone to learn more and improve skills through assistance. 

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Category 3: Job Passion and Self-Evaluation Employee Satisfaction Survey

Question: Do you think your manager values you?

A team performs well only when there is good understanding and collaboration between the managers and staff members. 

Managers should always listen and value staff members’ suggestions to make them feel valued. 

Moreover, practicing positive relations between managers and staff members will promote a healthy culture in the workplace. 

Category 4: Fairness at Work and Employee Satisfaction

Question: Do you think the organization has fair employee promotion policies?

A fair workplace always keeps all the employees, from managers to sweepers, happy in their work environment. 

Therefore, asking staff whether they feel their workplace is fair enough or not will help you evaluate what level of job satisfaction is present in the workplace. 

Conducting Employee Surveys Made Easiest Than Ever Before with BRAVO!

Now you’re off to a good start by putting together a comprehensive employee engagement survey. 

But, how will you share the survey to get accurate responses from your hotel staff so you know what can be improved?

Keep a pulse on your hotel management health by sending short, frequent surveys to help you gather insights regularly with BRAVO

Instead of overwhelming staff with a list of descriptive questions to cause survey fatigue, ask a few short questions at a time to get real-time feedback and insights with our employee engagement and recognition software. 

Types of Employee Surveys You Can Conduct with BRAVO:

BRAVO is a pioneering software that allows organizations of all sizes and industries to create, engage and analyze employee engagement strategies. Generally, there are three different types of employee engagement surveys conducted worldwide. 

You can create each type of survey from scratch as well as select a ready-made staff survey template with BRAVO just by simply editing it to suit your needs: 

  1. Standard Survey: These are typical survey forms that you can create by adding options like text fields, multiple checkboxes, etc. BRAVO helps you get advanced survey insights, empowering decision-making practices. 
  2. 360- Degree Review: These types of surveys are conducted company-wide, asking for feedback from the entire hotel staff, from managers to bell boys. Moreover, these are detailed surveys that will ask for feedback about each and everything. 
  3. Pulse Survey: It is a simplistic and short survey mainly including 4 to 5 questions. This survey aims to gather instant and quick feedback on recent guest experiences and reviews. 

Ready to create a hotel staff culture where everyone can reach their full potential?

Learn more about lightweight and practical employee engagement surveys to build a better workplace from our experts. 

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