Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is nowadays the number one goal for many organizations. Companies are looking for top ways to boost engagements in their workplaces. So much so, there are now highly-paid vacancies for Employee Engagement Experts

However, we’re not asking for any money for this free advice. There are multiple ways and channels that can make your organizational culture remarkable if done right. Here are the top four of such resources;

1. Games

When we talk about team building and employee motivation, games could play a big part in that matter. Be it offline games or online games, they all bring your employees closer and induce the essence of unity among them.

You can also organize different tournaments for your teams that may go on for a week or two. These tournaments can range from; all sorts of indoor games like chess, esports, foosball, table tennis, etc. to outdoor games like cricket, football, etc. Trust us, your employees are always waiting for such activities.

2. Rewards & Recognition Tools

As we all know, rewards and recognition have their proven benefits for your employees’ motivation. You need to acknowledge and recognize a job well done and also give out meaningful rewards against them. 

More so, the business world is evolving day by day and almost everything has been digitized. The same happened for the rewards and recognition industry, and thus, BRAVO! was created. 

BRAVO! is an employee engagement tool that not only helps you keep your employees engaged but also helps you put your customers first. It allows easy recognition and rewards distribution based on the customer feedback that your business receives. In this way, you keep both your employees and your customers happy.

Employee Engagement

3. Team Collaboration Tools

When working with a large group of people, collaboration tools are very necessary to keep everyone in the loop. Team collaboration tools like Slack, Skype, etc. make it easier for the teams to accomplish common goals without the hassle of paperwork, post-it notes, and whiteboards. 

In most cases, when there’s a big number of people working under the same roof; they don’t get a chance to interact much. Especially when they’re working on different projects. These collaboration tools help make it possible for them to interact easily. 

4. Wall of Fame

A wall of fame is nothing but a way to boost the confidence of your hardworking employees. It also presents an opportunity for you to induce motivation in your teams so that they strive for optimum results. 

You can choose a prominent wall in your working area and then hang photo frames on it for your high achievers. This will instantly create a sense of positive competition among your employees and consequently, more productivity.


In the end, all a company wants is to increase the productivity of its employees, so that more profits can be harvested. And that’s only possible when your employees are working with complete dedication and commitment. Therefore, if you want to invest in employee engagement and motivation or are already investing; remember that it will all be worth it.

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