Retaining the top performers is very important to employers. However, it is tough to do so in today’s competitive job market. Keeping your talented employees in the organization requires careful planning. However, it does not have to cost you a lot of money.

Your key employees are the ones who meet performance expectations, have the potential to grow into higher positions or are already in top positions within the firm.

Moreover, to keep such employees retained, organizations need to implement some solid employee engagement software.

Why Do You Need Employment Engagement Software?

Employee Engagement Software

An engaged employee ensures positive business outcomes. Moreover, the more engaged employees are, the more effort they put in and are likely to stay with the organization for long. 

Employee engagement software is a type of application program used by businesses to boost employee job satisfaction and retain top talent. 

The objective is to assist employees become involved in their company’s mission and culture, allowing them to be more productive and effective. Usually, the HR department of a company is responsible for handling these types of software.

Moreover, if you want an all-in-one employee engagement platform for your company, the BRAVO recognition and rewards platform could be your next best decision.

BRAVO is a complete engagement, recognition, and rewards, surveys, and customer rating platform. This tool can play a role in building a productive environment in the workplace, keeping the top performers engaged, appreciated, and retained.

Using this platform, employees themselves can publicly acknowledge and praise each other’s accomplishments and create an environment of positive engagement.

4 Ways You Could Keep Your Top Performers Engaged

Even though you have an excellent platform like BRAVO recognition and rewards system, there are some strategies organizations need to implement to ensure that their top performers continue to select them as their employer of choice.

Here are four such strategies that you can instantly implement:

1. Pay And Reward

Employee Engagement Software

All employees expect to be paid well for their work. However, high performers expect to be paid more for their efforts. They will leave to go to an organization that is willing to pay them what they are worth. When employees perform at high levels, reward them in a meaningful way. 

Organizations need to establish that they provide an important benefits package to the employees at all life stages.

Moreover, companies need to show appreciation to their top performers with personal thank you notes and rewards, including an extra day off occasionally, to acknowledge their efforts.

Managers who take the time to get to know their employees and treat them with trust and respect will learn that employees enjoy working with them. As all employees have different needs, learning more about each employee will provide them the flexibility they need.

Your top performers and other employees wish to cherish their work experience. Organizations need to encourage fun events at work and outside of the workplace to give their employees time to build communication and get to know each other better. 

Furthermore, BRAVO can play a positive role in this as it connects employee recognition with your company’s values & beliefs by acknowledging every member’s efforts on time. It also offers various rewards in form of cash vouchers to gift cards from the world’s top brands.

2. Communication

Employee Engagement

One of the key strategies to retain top performers is giving importance to their input. Your best employees are at the forefront every day, and they see things that you might have not noticed. 

To keep top workers engaged, a friendly environment needs to be created where questions and opinions are welcomed and encouraged. When employees ask questions, it means they’re concerned about the company’s performance and achievements.

The top performers will have questions, and they need to make sure they can always ask you for clarification. Most of all, they need to follow how they will be able to grow and advance within the organization. 

BRAVO as an engagement platform is of sheer importance here. That is so because it provides an interactional space where employees can openly express their feelings and worries with their colleagues and employers. Thus, removing the communication barriers of all sorts.

3. Work Culture And Policies

Employee Engagement Software

If you want to keep your top-performing employees to stay in your company for long, don’t manage all tasks on your own. Employers must grant them power and freedom in the ownership of their work.

When you trust them, you give them opportunities to perform on a larger scale. Moreover, they can be role models and mentors to new employees or their colleagues.

Top performers have an inborn desire to be appreciated and recognized. Organizations need to tell them that they are a precious asset to the company. Your top performers are ambitious people who aim to grow personally and professionally. They want to enhance their skills and achieve expected goals and targets.

Therefore, an organization needs to ensure that they create an environment that helps them meet this need. Invest in their growth by sponsoring related courses or conducting training sessions to improve their skills. 

More so, if you want the long-term effect on your employees, try motivating them by offering multiple training opportunities, free lunches, flexible working hours, childcare, etc. And to your luck, BRAVO can do that all for you.

4. Seeking Input And Ideas

Employee Engagement Software

Mostly, decisions take place without seeking input from the employees. 

Successful companies make it a point to ask for suggestions from top employees before making a decision. These employees might give brilliant ideas in return, keeping them motivated and increasing their productivity.

Nevertheless, having an employee engagement system to automate that whole process is quite critical and often difficult to find. However, BRAVO is here to eliminate that hindrance.

It is an exclusive tool designed to give them a voice by allowing them to participate in the decision-making process in a collaborative atmosphere.


As some employees perform better than others, it takes all kinds of people to make the organization successful. High performers are every company’s most valuable asset. These are the employees who bring the most value to your workplace. 

Moreover, to address employee complaints, recognize employee successes, and make their employees feel connected to their organization’s goals and values, the organizations need such employee engagement software solutions that can prioritize recognition and feedback.

And well, it is our pleasure to disclose that BRAVO was made with just that exact notion.

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