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Who does not welcome employee recognition? All of us, right? Similarly, we all love superheroes. And why not? They have supernatural or superhuman powers. More importantly, they can utilize them to fight against evil and protect humans from supervillains.

But that just happens only in the movies. Certainly, do we not confront workplace supervillains? Yes, we do. We come across supervillains in the workplace as well.

Moreover, we are also familiar with these supervillains. For this post, I have listed three supervillains that can hinder your employees’ performance.


First Villain:

The first Supervillain sucks your staff’s engagement, leaving them unhappy and unproductive while disrupting and devastating your customers and businesses.

Second Villain:

The second supervillain is a disengaged employee who slips into your organization and invites others to join his organization when the time is right. This supervillain also offers better things on their side, making your business weak and vulnerable.

Third Villain:

Last but not least, competitor firms are strengthened by undermining your organization by entering and stealing your precious talent. This is the third villain.

5 Lessons About Employee Recognition You Can Learn from Superheroes

Employee Recognition

Hey, do not worry, because I have a secret weapon to convert your employees into superheroes, not only to combat the supervillains but also to aid your business to prosper in this competitive and solid environment in which we all work.

The decisive weapon is employee recognition, which I have always seen turn “regular” employees into superheroes. Now they may not be able to fly over large buildings or to lift a bus, but here are five such lessons or superpowers I saw emerge if they are recognized strategically, consistently, and significantly:

  1. Higher Performance
  2. Greater Heroism
  3. Long-term Engagement
  4. Enhanced Team-Work 
  5. Gender Neutral Leadership

1. Higher Performance

Higher Perfomance

Superheroes are the ones who are above everyone’s likes and anyone who poses a threat to the organization. 

They are equipped with the superpowers that your organization requires to win over the competitors. In addition to that, they also challenge supervillains and overcome barriers.

Research shows that 70 percent of employees say that motivation and morality would improve if bosses were just to say thank you. 

But let me make an essential point before you get too excited: not all recognition programs are made equal.

If you want superheroes to perform well for your organization, you have to make sure employee recognition for the right acts and behavior. 

And I’ve discovered that a program based on your company principles is the suitable approach to do this.

Not only my feeling makes me say this, but: 

According to an SHRM survey, recognition programs based on values are most effective for employee engagement and the creation of common-place work culture. Talking about recognition programs, what’s better than BRAVO?

Finally, this is exactly what your company needs to do, as superheroes focus on the main goals. 

2. Greater Heroism

Employee Recognition

Superheroes are also the first to save the day in a burning building. And while you don’t want your employees to do this literally, you want the ones who are daring enough to innovate and to shape the bounds of how they serve your clients.

Employee recognition is an excellent technique. It can help you to remind your staff that you have recognized their heroic efforts. Moreover, you appreciate and encourage them to do it time and again. 

I recommend two ways to do this:

  • Get the message of employee recognition organized. So, employees know what exemplary actions they have performed and how they have changed for the individual or the organization. It gives employees the courage to keep putting their superhero capes on.
  • Make acknowledgment obvious so that others witness the bold actions taken and seek similar behavior. By doing so, you will boost the chances of more courageous superheroes joining your squad.

And, of course, BRAVO can help you do this quite smoothly and effectively. 

3. Long-term Engagement

Long Term Employee Engagement

Superheroes do not leave until their task is done and do not depart the scene if anything gets harder or better. 

In the same way, this principle is just as vital for companies as you do not want to lose your superheroes in the competition.

Employee recognition may also help here—and not only turning employees into superheroes but encouraging their commitment to you and your firm. 

The idea here is that recognition must be constantly and regularly recognized if you want to promote long-lasting devotion. 

By focusing on what I call the ‘recognition at the moment,’ rewarding people for their efforts if they happen continuously, you can have superheroes who perform better and stay longer.

4. Enhanced Team-Work 

Employee Recognition

Tony Stark is a lot: “intelligent, philanthropist, innovative.” He has constructed an incredible Iron Man suit, virtually indestructible and equipped with enough weapons to make a tank look like a toy for children. 

He also flies alone — as a superhero as well as in life. 

While he is fun to watch and feels good at garden-variety villains, Tony still needs to join hands with the Avengers instead of going alone in challenging world-saving scenarios. 

The same can be said in most areas of work. You may be a rock star on your floor, but you will still need a team of dedicated and recognized employees to achieve targets and accomplish company goals.

So, employee recognition is also crucial to strengthen teamwork in an organization.

5. Gender Neutral Leadership

Gender Equality

Wonder Woman is not just an incredible lady but an extraordinary person as well. Since the communities worldwide have so long been patriarchal, some men and women tend to forget that women are also humans. 

There are two things that we should be aware of from Wonder Woman.

First, the characteristics that she was born with and the virtues that the Amazonian teachers taught her. 

Second, after completing her training, she is recognized and positioned as the Peace Ambassador for the Amazonian people.

The HR and the senior management of the firm should also recognize and guide the potential of women employees for leadership roles. Who knows, some of them might prove to be the Wonder Woman of your organization?

In essence, female employee recognition can make a fundamental contribution towards a gender-neutral work environment.

Employee Recognition & Superheroes : Conclusion

I dare you to develop ways to make your superheroes by using employee recognition. I quote Superman here, “There is a superhero in all of us; we just need the courage to put on the cape.”

Furthermore, when you acknowledge and honor your staff, you allow them to wear their superhero capes and defeat all the supervillains in their way of progress.

To accomplish all the employee recognition goals, BRAVO will be of great help to your organization. 

More so, this tool can play a part in building an effective working environment that involves, appreciates, and maintains employees.

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