Companies spend a lot of their money on employees recognition programs. Spendings are soo much but their allocation is not worthwhile. Usually, they invest money in such programs which are unable to provide the desired outcome.

According to Dr Bob Nelson, recognition expert says that most of the recognition rewards are the least expensive. In the last decades, employees recognition is tenure based. Well, it takes a lot of time for an employee to wait and seek their rewards.

However, this trend has been changed. Now, instant reward giving is what the HR specialist talk about. Peer to peer, goals achievement, and on the spot recognition is given. This helps the employees to keep them going. In

In addition, here is the list of recognition rewards secrets that you should include in reward programs;

Reward the Results

Retention of the employees does not come with just the recognition. If you want to keep your employees then make them part of your company. Make them realize that, the deliberate goals they are achieving have a major contribution to the company’s success. Moreover, when they feel like part of the company, that’s how they will feel more appreciated and loyal too.

Reward the Behaviour

Sometimes people are running after achieving the goals and they try to do it alone. As, if they’d be alone then it will be easy for them to achieve them. However, employees must help new employees and their coworkers. Part of their time which they can utilize for their own selves, but they spend to help someone out of the problem should be appreciated and valued.

Instant Recognition

Likewise discussed above tenure recognition programs are outdated. Now is the time where you have to appreciate the employees right away. Instant gratitude is much needed in this robotic work life. When someone does a great job in a meeting, appreciate him. Presented well, appreciate right away. Your few appreciative and kind words like “Good Job”, “Excellent presentation” would not cost you anything but to them, it will be what their efforts are all about.

No “Compliment sandwich”

Try to keep that in mind that do not praise someone with the criticism. Compliment sandwich is “praise comes with critique”. For example, if you say, “You did really well but,”. Your employee will forget what you said nice to him but will remember what you said after but. So, always keep a line between your criticism and compliment,

Surprise rewards for their endless efforts

Out of the usual rewards, do appreciate their day to day tasks and their achievements. Also, irrespective of what they do try to add the toppings over the cake with surprise parties and lunches.

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