Being an employer it is your duty to reward your employees who are putting their sweat in your company. Employee’s recognition plays a vital role in the overall company’s success. If your employees are satisfied they will go an extra mile to achieve the company’s goals. But, if they are dissatisfied then definitely they will sit back and do nothing.

So what you can do is to set up the tools that will automatically evaluate the employee’s performance. Furthermore, on the basis of it, it will decide what to reward them and how much.

Several automated tools are being used by the HR professionals for this. Some of them are listed below;

360-degree Recognition

This program is related to peer recognition. In this employees are rewarded on multiple occasions like work anniversaries, goals achievements and a lot more.  It is highly customized. Employers can configure it according to their needs. It showcases the overall picture of the company’s culture. Moreover, higher authorities can also know about how efficient their reward systems are working.


This is another HR automation tool which evaluates the sentiments and emotions of the employees. It consists of the more than 350 questions which are to filled by the employees. It is not industry-specific but covers all the sectors. Some of its features include eNPS tracking, reports generations, and employees feedback.

HR professionals can use this tool to keep their employees engaged. Knowing about them and their constant feedback would help in bringing positive changes.

Bucket List

A bucket list is an HR tool that is mostly used by entrepreneurs. With the help of this tool, they keep the employees engaged, make them satisfied and evaluate their performance. Along with that, HR can mould the employee’s reward on the basis of their respective performance.


Tool with the help of which an organization can get in touch with its employees. All the necessary information can be shared on this platform among the employees.

However, this information includes the documents, contextual discovery, feed information or any search material. Moreover, Yammer helps in enabling the recognition activities of the employees.

Benefit One

This platform is developed so that one to one peers can evaluate each other. In this, employees give each other feedback and appreciate them instantly. Not only this, but it also helps the managers to customize the rewards and incentives for their employees. On the basis of their ranks and positions, they can be rewarded.

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