Employee Engagement In Insurance Sector

The relation between employee engagement and customer satisfaction is quite strong in any industry, but this connection is particularly essential in the insurance industry.  

Your clients depend on you to assist them through overwhelming or emotional experiences time after time. Thus, as the owner of an independent insurance agency, you need to ensure your employees stay engaged to build and maintain successful customer relationships.

In times of pandemic, it’s even more necessary than ever to develop that workspace culture where employees feel like their work holds immense meaning, has room for growth and is appreciated. 

The pandemic has left us unmotivated and feeling stuck. The lack of excitement could be affecting your employees in ways that are difficult to comprehend. 

Insurance agency employee engagement is here for the long-term because when employees feel engaged, they can cater to clients in a much better way.

Signs Your Agents Need Better Employee Engagement

To assure you, here are six signs that will tell you if your agents require better employee engagement.

1. Meaningful Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Engaged employees are indeed more productive, and their turnover is lower, which allows for a more continuous customer experience. 

Today, business decision-makers have more options than ever when it comes to purchasing insurance. They have high expectations at all times and want quick, personalized service. But when you meet their needs along with high client satisfaction, revenue grows, and churn decreases.

When your clients communicate with the same person regularly, someone who is dedicated and engaged in the ins and outs of the agency, the service they receive will be better. 

Thus, the overall experience will be more satisfying. Insurance agencies who can actively generate the power of long-lasting relationships and make it part of their operating model are bound to see more positive gains. 

Clients that are satisfied aim to stay with their broker for long are more likely to purchase various policies and are keener to provide referrals that will grow your bottom line.

2. Top-quality Work

Employee Engagement

When employees are engaged, they focus on top quality work and not just selling to increase their commission. 

While selling is vital, it shouldn’t be the priority. Employees who invest in the work they do will provide better service to their clients. Businesses are looking for a reliable, trustworthy experience, and an engaged employee at your agency is an excellent demonstration of confidence and competence.

Employees who are engaged will go out of their way to prove their worth. They will be committed to working the extra mile to see the success of the agency. 

By investing in employee engagement, your agency will increase productivity, keep top performers and positively influence the quality of work. If you are working hard to attract talented and skillful employees, keep working to provide a better work culture and environment.

3. Healthy Decision Making

Happy Employees

If you want your agency to excel as an organization, your employees must have freedom of expression. 

Give them the chance to express their concerns, perspectives, or ideas without any fear. By doing so, your employees will feel that they have an impact on the decision-making through their feedback. 

Therefore, they will be more willing to get involved in operational decisions and make sure to implement the plans successfully. Your employees will be more involved in the success of a program if they are a part of the process of creating it.

4. Increase In Productivity

Productive Employees

Allow flexibility in the office as it will increase productivity. Invest in the tools and technology you need to allow your employees to work when and where they need to. 

Your concern should not be if somebody is present physically, but if your clients are being catered to and attended well. 

5. Growth And Improvement 

Employee Success

Creating a team of engaged insurance agents who enjoy what they do is a continuous work in progress. 

More so, when your agents feel cared for at work and like what they do, they can take care of the clients in a better way.

6. Emotional Connection

Employee Engagement

When employees are engaged effectively and positively with their organization, they form an emotional connection with the company. Therefore, this influences their attitude towards the clients and improves customer satisfaction and service levels.

Most agency owners believe that a satisfied employee is not necessarily the best employee in terms of being productive and loyal. It is only an engaged agent who is emotionally and intellectually associated with the agency, feels enthusiastic about its goals, and is committed to its value.

Bravo For Better Employee Engagement

BRAVO Recognition

Well, as important it is to build engagement among your agents, it is also important that you do that effortlessly, so that you can focus more on the core business activities.

But how would that be possible, you think? Well, this is the part where employee engagement software comes in handy. 

More so, one of the top employee engagement tools is BRAVO!

BRAVO! is a simple yet versatile tool, designed to meet all your employee engagement needs. It is a single solution for all your employee engagement and customer satisfaction needs. 

Besides, you can reward your insurance agents for better customer reviews and operational outcomes; and become a result-driven organization with BRAVO!

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