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If you are new to the concept of employee recognition, you probably have some questions! We have collected below the 7 most commonly asked questions we are asked about employee recognition, as well as our answers. Continue reading to find out more:

1. “I’m a manager and I want to give my employees the recognition they deserve but I don’t have the time for it. What should I do?”

This is a very commonly encountered problem, which happens mainly because managers perceive employee recognition as something extra they need to do. When in fact, employee recognition should be part of the daily tasks of any manager. Why? Because by giving your employees the recognition they deserve, you improve their motivation and productivity, which ultimately leads to more revenues, higher sales and less employee turnover! If anything, employee recognition is the best thing a manager can do to improve their stats. In fact, employee satisfaction and company success go hand in hand!

2. “How do I reconcile employee recognition and disciplining employees when they make mistakes?”

This question relates to the carrot vs. stick approach. In reality, however, if you do your employee recognition correctly, you won’t need to discipline your employees! To do so, make sure that your praise is not generic (e.g. “good job”), but specific and detailed. This will help your employees to outline what behaviour is desired and what should be avoided. As your employees make improvements in their working style, make sure to acknowledge them. This will also signal to the rest of your staff what kind of behaviour is desired and praised.

3. “No matter how much employee recognition our company provides, our employees still feel unappreciated. What are we doing wrong?”

This dissonance between what employees and managers perceive to be as “enough recognition” could stem from a misunderstanding about what “employee recognition” means. If managers only care about employee rewards but are not invested in actual appreciation, then employees might feel dissatisfied.

4. “How do I convince the top management to invest in employee recognition?”

The answer to this question heavily depends on your company, the industry you are in and the individual managers you are trying to convince. However, at the end of the day, raw data to support your claims of increased productivity will always help. Alternatively, look at what your competitors are doing concerning employee recognition and use that to your benefit.

5. “How do I give new life to our existing employee recognition program?”

Some companies already have employee recognition programs but for one reason or another, their employees simply don’t use them. If this is happening at your workplace, consider investigating why this is happening. Talk to your employees and find out why they are reluctant to use the program. For example, maybe the rewards you are offering pose no interest to your employees. Or maybe your program is too complicated to use. Whatever the reason, make sure to include your employees in the decision-making process so that once you provide them with a replacement, their involvement will be much higher!

6. “Is too much recognition possible?”

Even though too much employee recognition is not possible, you need to constantly change and improve your employee recognition program so that your staff continues to use it. Otherwise, they might get bored with the same sort of rewards for the same sort of actions and this will lead to a lesser impact. So don’t be afraid to experiment with your recognition program, your employees will thank you later!

7. “How do I make employee recognition part of our company culture?”

This question again depends on your company and how invested you are in making employee recognition work. Make sure to involve people who truly believe in the potential of such a program and start small but make consistent improvements. Involve the management and make sure that they understand why and how to take advantage of your employee recognition program.

To sum up, starting an employee recognition program from scratch can seem like a daunting task, but we hope the answers we provided above will help you along the way!

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