Employee Motivation

Have you tried everything to motivate your employees and still can’t see any big difference?

Well, maybe there are some things you’re doing wrong. 

Employees, as we know, are very delicate beings and if not given proper attention, could get moody. Therefore, it is necessary that you look for the blind spots in your employee management procedures. However, as always, team BRAVO won’t disappoint you here. We have brought to you the 7 little changes that, if done right, will make a big difference with your employee motivation.

1. Do not set unrealistic goals for them

Sometimes, managers set some unattainable goals for their teams and then expect them to perform with a little boost of motivation. However, what they forget is that employees are human beings too and it’s ethically wrong to expect such things from them. 

As a manager, it is very important that the goals you set for your employees are easy to achieve on a regular course. Once you do that, motivating your employees would be way easier for you and their productivity would also increase.

2. Stop comparing them with each other

Not all employees are equal in terms of aptitude and productivity. Therefore, it is not sensible to compare them for their skills. If one employee is good at one thing, the other may be good at something else. So, it is wise that you weigh their strengths, not in terms of comparison but in terms of a team. 

After all, what’s the point of motivating your employees when you’re going to degrade them in front of each other.

3. Don’t get mad over relatively minor mistakes

Always try to have a long-term vision for your teams, don’t judge their productivity on the basis of small mistakes. If an employee is making some minor mistakes, he requires guidance more than the warnings. However, if he/she repeats that same mistake, then you have every right to hold them accountable. 

4. Stop trying to infantilize your employees, if you are

If some of your employees seem to be underperforming, coach them – don’t rant on them. In most cases, employees quit their jobs due because they’re infantilized in the workplace by their superiors.

There’s a very thin line between guiding someone and making them feel inferior for their lack of knowledge. And when that happens, your teams start to break apart. So, always remember to watch your words before you throw them down on your employees.

5. Make sure your workplace policies are not uneven

Rules should be the same for everyone, that’s the basic edict. On your way to motivate your employees, it is very important for you to lead by example. The rules you set for your team, should be the rules you can follow as well. So, if anyone from your team goes against that rule can be fairly punished while not making anyone else feel violated. 

6. Take periodic follow-ups to analyze work motivation

Having once a month motivational sessions without any evaluation on that is useless. You must take follow-ups from your employees to have a better understanding of their motivation levels. It is important for you to know if there’s a loophole in your employee motivation program, so you can provide an instant remedy for that. 

For example, you hosted free lunches on Friday and even improved the overall pays. However, you still find out that there’s been bad air around. There may have been a policy that is disturbing them, or there may have been an unfair workload on them. Therefore, if you would ask them via weekly/biweekly surveys or meetings –  things would be much easier on both ends.

7. Stop using the same motivation techniques for everyone

Throwing down a rigid employee motivation plan thinking that it would fit them all, can be a mistake. You can not motivate all employees with the same things. 

Some may prefer monetary rewards over appreciation, while some are motivated more with their picture on the wall of fame. This is your responsibility to realize those differences and then plan accordingly. 


All the above-mentioned tips can help you improve your employees’ motivation levels. 
However, if we were to sum that all up in a single heading, that would be; treat your employees with respect and care that they deserve as human beings. If you do that and reward them for their accomplishments on time, there won’t be much effort required from your side to motivate them.

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