Employee motivation is an organizations’ biggest agent that leads it to the horizons of success. Do you think, as a manager, you know everything about Employee Motivation?

Well, think again!

Because we are going to tell you 8 things you may not have known about before. So, fasten up your seat belts, as this is going to be an amazing ride ahead.

1. It is important to make your expectations clear

For an employee, it is very important that he/she knows about what’s expected from them. In fact, clear expectations indicate a well-defined goal, for which the employees can make proper estimation and make it easier for themselves to achieve it. Ultimately, when that happens – you could see a positive boost of motivation in their behavior.

2. Continuous feedback is a game-changer

Your employees can only perform or target to perform up to a certain level when they know about it. You need to set a benchmark for them and then tell them if they’re doing okay. It does not matter if the feedback is positive or negative, your employees just need to know where they stand. Moreover, when you’re giving them regular feedback, they would obviously crave a positive one and will strive for it.

3. Always make corrections in private

Well, everyone has their ego and if you tell their shortcomings in front of everyone, it will be an instant demotivation. And, obviously – you don’t want that, do you? Therefore, whenever as a manager, you want to tell your employees about their mistake – make sure no one else is there to see them embarrassed.

4. Believe in your teams

Emotions are a big thing. You should understand this fact that before selecting the resources for a specific task, take as much time as you can. However, once the team is ready and onto the task, believe in them and let this feeling induce in them as well. When your team knows that you have placed your trust in them, they will try their best to live up to their reputation.

5. Appreciating publically serves more than a monetary reward

This one is a no brainer! We mean, who doesn’t like public appreciation? Moreover, it won’t also be wrong to say that appreciating your employees for a good job, in front of their colleagues can boost their morale a lot. Therefore, just like you should correct them in private, try acknowledging them publically.

6. Make it easier to achieve rewards

You don’t need to go so hard on your employees, because, the easier they achieve the higher is goes their motivation. Try not to set the bar too high, give them a chance to grow and while they’re at it – help them as much as possible.

7. Hiring or promoting wrong people can be fatal

As important it is to hiring productive and skillful employees, you should also be keen on identifying the black sheep. Because one wrong person in your team can spoil the productivity of the others in no time. If you promote a lazy worker while there is a hardworking and more skillful person than him/her in your team; you’re giving the whole team a big demotivator. Therefore, be sure as to whom you need to hire/promote.

8. Treating everyone equally isn’t fair after all

While as a human being, it is important to give the same respect to your janitor as you give to your CEO – it isn’t the case with team management. When you give everyone the same incentives and bonuses, you’re demotivating your high performers big time. Because a notion is spread that no matter how well they perform, their benefits will not be differentiated from the others. This is the point, where you start losing productivity and employee motivation.

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