Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the level of commitment that one has towards the employer company, its business, and its goals.

Businesses aspire to keep employee engagement at the maximum. And they also implement different practices for this purpose. However, only a few have become successful in this regard. 

Below, we bring you the companies who are doing a great job at employees engagement: 

1. Google

Google - Employee Engagement

Google is one of those companies that are doing a great job at employee engagement. And it is based on its workplace culture of transparency.

The transparency culture at Google encourages moving over the traditional power hierarchies.

It means that it empowers the employees, at all hierarchies, to be creative and collaborative with all freedom. 

As a result, Google gets the employee engagement right.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce - Employee Engagement

Salesforce comes at number 2 for this year’s list of  ‘100 Companies to work for. And it is, therefore, one of the companies that do things right for keeping employees engaged and productive.

However, for attracting the top talent and keeping the employees engaged, it offers a Wellness Reimbursement Program. Courtesy of which the employees receive $100 each month to spend as they would like to.

Its workplace culture, as like the other big companies such as Google and Dreamworks, is based on encouraging employee participation. 

3. American Express

American Express Office

In the competitive world, businesses are more focused on achieving the results and achieving the goals.

They are result-driven. And they’re generally not interested in how the results are achieved.

The American Express, however, differs in this approach.

It cares about the results and the goals. But at the same time, it also remains mindful of how it was achieved.

It gives importance to the behavior of its employees while being highly engaging.

In essence, it does not tolerate its employees being toxic to others while engaging in their work.

American Express doesn’t accept this.

It is a healthier way of achieving employee engagement. And it also maintains the dignity and self-esteem of employees at all levels.

4. John Lewis

John Lewis

John Lewis has one of the best practices when it comes to employee engagement.

It refers to its employees as partners.

By doing so, not only makes the employees empowered but also gives a sense of shared responsibility.

And it is not merely rhetoric.

John Lewis indeed involves the employees in the processes such as decision-making and problem-solving.

Consequently, employee engagement rises.

5. Hyatt


Hyatt is one of those companies where the employee retention rate is high. As a result, it is one of the businesses with long-tenured employees.

Understandably, employee engagement is higher there. However, it achieves it through employee development. 

Also, like John Lewis, it empowers the employees by referring to them as associates. And it treats them as one.

6. Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines also does a great job at employee engagement. And it does so by clearly defining the purpose.

The employees should be enlightened that how their jobs, and doing them, affects the lives of people they are dealing with. It creates a big difference in how employees perceive their jobs.

And it certainly makes a difference in performing their jobs.

Southwest Airlines practices the same.

It enlightens the employees about the effect of their jobs. It tells them how their jobs are about making people reach their loved ones. More so, it makes them know how their job is to make people reach their places of bread and butter that are far from their homes.

It develops an emotional connection. And that is how it achieves employee engagement.

7. Hilton

Hilton - Employee Engagement

Hilton ranked first and third on the list of ‘100 Best Companies to Work for’, for the years 2019 and 2021, respectively.

It is not only the desired company to work for but also an example of how to keep the employees engaged.

It practices different strategies to maximize employee engagement. And one of the strategies includes the ‘Hilton Senior Leadership Business Immersion program.

The Hilton Senior Leadership Business Immersion program is a three-day program. And it requires the senior leadership to work from the backend of the business. 

The senior leadership in these three days get familiar with the blood and sweat put in by the average Joes.

Such programs help the company to earn the respect of those working in non-glamorous roles. The same roles are the very heart of any business.

8. Virgin Group

Virgin - Employee Engagement

The businesses operating under the umbrella of this group listen to their employees as much as they can. 

The Virgin group encourages the employees to put forward their ideas. It also listens to the employees’ say. Also, it conducts healthy debates over matters of high importance.

Doing so is a win-win for a business. Because not only does a business expand its understanding of a matter, the employees also feel empowered.

Empower the employees in being heard to keep them engaged with the company.

9. Dreamworks

DreamWorks - Employee Engagement

Dreamworks is an example when it comes to employee engagement.

It makes use of various perks and benefits for keeping employees productive and engaged as much as possible. 

However, it also uses an unconventional practice: it encourages the employees to share their work at personal fronts.

At first, this might seem unrelated for the very business. However, it is.

With such practice, it sends the message that the company values its employees as more than a 9 to 5 resource. It earns the company sincere respect from its employees.

As a consequence, the employees sincerely engage in their work. And subsequently, employee productivity also increases.


Employee engagement refers to the commitment level that the employees have for their job and in achieving their company’s goals.

Every business wants to keep employee engagement maximum. But it is only a few who are doing great at employee engagement.

Salesforce, John Lewis, Hilton, to name a few, are those businesses who are keeping things right in this regard.

However, whether your business comes in from the Fortune 100 Companies or is relatively lesser-known, using an employee engagement tool can pay off. 

Speaking of which, BRAVO can be of great help for this purpose. Want to know how? Let’s have a deeper look here.

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