Employee service awards are a terrific way to show your staff how much you appreciate them.

In a world where individuals are changing professions at a faster rate than ever before, it’s critical to recognize and reward your employees’ commitment to your organization.

What are Employee Service Awards?


Employee service awards, according to SHRM, are a way of recognizing how long an employee has worked for your organization, usually starting at the five-year mark.

However, as employee retention has reduced, more organizations are now beginning to issue service awards at the one-year mark.

Additionally, service awards recognize the specific accomplishments and contributions achieved by an employee during their tenure with your organization.

In the majority of cases, employee service awards include monetary or tangible rewards. Moreover, it may include a plaque, certificate, bonus, trophy, or lapel pin.   

Historically, employee service awards were advertised as a company perk as part of a whole incentives package.

Why Should You Consider Implementing Employee Service Awards?


While other rewards and recognition are typically issued to a particular employee only, a service award can be granted to everyone who works in the company, regardless of role or location.

Incorporating service awards as part of an employee recognition program is an excellent method to show your appreciation to a given employee over time.

 Additionally, employee Service awards also promote business culture, establish confidence between employees and management, and provide an opportunity to share tales that highlight what your culture stands for.

Moreover, consider implementing employee service awards due to the following reasons:

  • To Recognize Your Employee’s Loyalty

You may honor your staff for sticking with you through thick and thin by giving them service awards. Throughout their careers, your employees were likely offered other job opportunities, but they decided to stay with you. That’s a reason to rejoice and thank them for their dedication!

Employee service awards are one of the most prevalent forms of employee recognition.

It confirms all of the benefits of employee appreciation, such as increased motivation, productivity, and morale in the workplace.

  • To Improve Employee Retention Rates

Giving service awards to your staff on their work anniversaries is not only the ethical thing to do, but it also benefits your organization as a whole.

 For one thing, you’re recognizing the fact that your employees have been with your company for a long time, and you’re creating a direct link between that and your firm’s employee retention rate.

Moreover, an HRSM survey suggests that an employee recognition program increases the retention rate up to  68%.

Additionally, You may also show your staff that you appreciate their loyalty by honoring work anniversaries with parties and rewards.

 You can help your company’s employee turnover rates by showing appreciation to your staff in this way.

  • To Boost Employee Engagement

Employee appreciation has a huge impact on employee engagement, which should come as no surprise.

With employee disengagement costing businesses a lot of money, it’s worth you to use all the tools at your disposal to keep your employees engaged.

When you provide service awards to your employees for achieving milestones, you’re honoring the continual effort they put in at work. You’ll be motivating your staff to produce their best work and increasing employee engagement as a result of this.

  • To Improve Company Culture

The presentation of employee service awards and the celebrations of your workers’ work anniversaries usually involves informal meetings, banter, and a festive atmosphere.

Company culture thrives in such relaxed settings because employees bond and create relationships that go beyond professional ones.

 Of course, company culture is built through consistent efforts and encouragement of desired behavior, but employee service awards provide a good opportunity to strengthen ties between your employees.

  • To Showcase Your Employer Brand

Giving service awards to your staff is a terrific way to promote your employer brand.

You can take pictures and upload them to your careers page or your company’s social media if there is a celebration.

Moreover, sharing your workers’ work experiences and demonstrating that you recognize their years of service is an excellent method to indicate that they are valued in your organization.

Additionally, personal employee stories may help you build your employer brand and recruit high-quality prospects, ensuring that your organization is constantly performing at its best.

Top 4 Employee Service Awards Practices


1- Establish clear participation expectations for employees and managers

Before your employee service awards program goes live, make sure managers and employees understand how to use it.

 Every manager should keep track of staff start dates on their calendars and understand how the organization recognizes employee longevity.

2-Providing Personalised and Memorable Milestone Rewards

Employee service awards should be extremely individualized, showcasing the individual’s various accomplishments during their time with your organization.

3- Provide Your Employees With The Desired Gifts

When it comes to employee service awards, a generic gift card or some old, out-of-date business paraphernalia is not enough.

 So, when presenting a service award, find out what your employee enjoys doing in their spare time and give them a gift that reflects their interests.

4- Create Moments of Celebration

Publicly celebrating an employee’s service strengthens the bond between the employee and the workplace.

It is critical when it comes to developing and maintaining connections with long-serving personnel.


Employee service awards are a great way to recognize your employees.

Employee service awards can be monetary as well as tangible.

These awards can foster strong ties between the employees and the employer of an organization. Hence, it can help the organization grow and achieve its desired goals.

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