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Other Companies Rewarding Their Employees Proactively

Celebrations with Rewards and Recognition

  • Motivate employees to strive for excellence and skyrocket engagement
  • Reinforce desired behavior and boost employee retention
  • Foster a positive work environment, and instill a sense of company pride
  • Keep track of each team member’s individual and team performance
  • A gamified way to cultivate productivity, recognition, and appreciation

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Develop The Culture Of Rewards And Recognition

Your team's productivity can be boosted by a simple act of compassion and recognition. Integrate a performance-based rewards system to improve your company's culture


Social Recognition

Recognize by giving employees BRAVOs, which helps highlight and strength your company values


Goals & Focus Management

Share the tasks under your focus with your team and get the motivation to accomplish them successfully


Powerful Engagement Surveys

Get closer to your teams by knowing how they feel about your company through our surveys on employee NPS, engagement, etc.

Awesome Features For Your Awesome Team

Here are some of the core features offered by BRAVO! to help you strengthen and build a workplace culture with rewards and recognition that is positive as well as full of motivation


Users can win BRAVO points by going up the ladder on the leaderboard, ensuring the voluntary participation of employees

AI-Based Intelligent Suggestions

BRAVO’s robust AI functionality suggests social recognition for good work and private recognition on events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

BRAVO’s Helpful Daily Reports

See who’s winning more and who needs a little boost to shine with BRAVO’s ‘Meaningful Actionable Reports’ feature

Intimation on Special Events

BRAVO (intelligently) automatically rewards employees on special occasions like Birthdays, Work Anniversaries, Christmas, and New Year

Built-In Extensive Rewards

BRAVO comes with an extensive catalog of rewards such as Coupons, Physical goods, and Cultural rewards

Organizational Results

Easily integrate all customer feedback from all sources and share them with your employees and boost your corporate performance

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