How Is Bravo Better Than Trakstar

BRAVO! and Trakstar, two prominent employee reward and recognition platforms, are compared in this article.

The capabilities that both platforms provide to their clients will serve as the benchmark for this comparison.

We’ll go through the essential features of each platform one by one in-depth.

You will be able to understand how Bravo is superior to Trakstar after reading this article.

Let’s start with Trakstar and look at its features.

Trackstar – Features


With frequent check-ins, surveys, and polls, you can gain vital insights about employee engagement with Trakstar integrated into your performance management application.

Trakstar believes that when individuals are pleased and motivated, they produce their best work.

Trakstar Engagement allows you to assess engagement at corporate and individual levels based on the most critical aspects.

The term “employee engagement” is a bit of a misnomer.

It’s a combination of staff satisfaction and consistently good performance, according to Trakstar.

We looked into work performance and found it boils down to three factors: ability, opportunity, and motivation. Motivation, in particular, is what distinguishes a successful employee.

But what motivates people, and how can they be measured?

The majority of employers emphasize extrinsic motivation. For a job well done, they offer incentives, trophies, and recognition.

On the other hand, these prizes are only temporary incentives that are ineffectual when employees are coping with more complex issues.

Personal contentment, or intrinsic motivation, keeps employees productive day after day.

A highly productive workforce is the result of intrinsic motivation paired with ability and opportunity.

Trakstar interaction is designed to track those critical factors.

Introduce yourself to Trakstar Engagement

With Trakstar Engagement, you may send three different sorts of surveys (all with ready-to-use questions and statements validated by data) or design your own.

They may include the following:

1. Survey of Employee Attitudes

Take a comprehensive picture approach to capture employee engagement utilizing a number of surveys.

2. Check-in by the Manager

Managers will have more personal check-ins with their staff and will be able to gauge employee engagement on a more personal level.

3. Opinion Survey

Ask any question on happiness, culture, or current events to your entire crew. It allows you to rapidly obtain a snapshot of your workforce on themes related to employee happiness in your company.

Bottom Line

After reviewing the services supplied by Trackstar employee engagement, we can conclude that Trackstar focuses mainly on polls, surveys, and check-ins as techniques for measuring employee engagement.

Now let’s have a look at what Bravo has to offer its users before drawing a judgment.

BRAVO! – Features

BRAVO! Recognition

Customers of Bravo can enjoy the following benefits.

  1. Peer Feedback
  2. Reports and Analysis
  3. Customized Reward System
  4. Activity Dashboard
  5. Integration

Let’s take a closer look at each of these before deciding why Bravo is superior to Trackstar.

1. Peer Feedback

Employees can learn about their work as well as the work of their peers by receiving peer feedback.

Employees can then design a strategy for leveraging their teammates’ strengths while remaining productive as a group.

Regularly soliciting input from your peers will assist you in identifying your areas for improvement.

2. Reports and Analysis

The purpose of reports and analysis is to assess how people are performing in all company areas critically.

Reports are critical tools for guiding decision-making and allowing business owners and senior managers to examine and resolve any concerns that have been found.

With Bravo, you can view each team member’s performance report and encourage them to achieve more by elevating their spirits. Let them know who is winning and who needs some encouragement.

3. Customized Reward System

A more tailored employee rewards system is the ideal way to learn more about your employees.

Companies can figure out if different levels of the organization value extra rewards for other positions or tasks.

Ensure that everyone receives the recognition they deserve with BRAVO. Select team members for awards and distribute transparent prizes with a single click.

4. Activity Dashboard

An easy-to-use activity dashboard shows how the teams are doing and what engagement patterns will help the firm be more effective.

Furthermore, it provides you with a comprehensive picture of every area of your employee recognition campaign at a glance, which is quite helpful.

5. Integration

Bravo provides a seamless connection with all of your preferred platforms, so you’ll never have to worry about recognizing your staff again.

Every piece of data transmitted between systems becomes instantly more visible to the entire organization when using an integrated platform.

This enables a company to do proper digital analytics and make decisions based on context and awareness from all business units, resulting in increased revenue and cost savings.

How is Bravo Better than Trakstar? Final Verdict

After examining both Bravo and Trakstar from every angle and comparing their qualities, we can now answer the topic at hand: how is Bravo better than Trakstar?

Trakstar has a limited set of features for employee engagement, but Bravo has a wide range of modern features and is in the lead.

Most crucially, Bravo is the checkmate here since it blends employee engagement with employee reward and recognition in a single platform, making Bravo superior to Trakstar.

Furthermore, employee engagement and employee reward and recognition are inextricably linked.

However, most engagement solutions lack performance management capabilities, and most performance management tools lack reward and recognition.

We’re taking steps to buck the trend.

Nevertheless, if you want to schedule a demo with our product experts – Click Here.

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