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The employee experience strategy is intended to shape the employee experience of a company better. Furthermore, it is used to make every experience and interaction of an employee within an organization positive.

An employee experience, on the other hand, includes everything that an employee experiences while being in-service for a company. And an employee starts to experience right from the day of hire until their last day in the company.

The employee experience is not only essential for your company’s employer brand, but it is also vital to making the most of your workforce.

Employees, when happy, can be 20% more productive in their work. And when they’re not, their sick leaves increase by 15%. Moreover, the human brain works a lot better with a happier mood.

With the necessity of employee experience, a pertaining strategy, precisely the employee experience strategy, becomes necessary. And without one, building a better perception of your company both outside and within becomes difficult.

With all that said, Bravo, a rewards and recognition platform, can help build a compelling employee experience strategy. And its features are built mainly for serving the same purpose.

This article discusses how Bravo helps you build employee experience management utilizing its features and functionality. Read it as under:

Employee experience strategy and features of Bravo

Bravo! Voice

Bravo! Voice

Bravo! Voice provides a great utility for your employee experience management. It gives employees a voice to share their concerns and opinions regarding any organizational matter, thus the name ‘voice.’

It also helps in learning the viewpoint of the employees towards the company. Also, a company can understand the stance of its employees on different issues through it.

In regards to receiving employee feedback, this feature lets its users create rather-personalized survey forms. So, you can get better insights into the current views/perspectives of employees.

With the option of customized surveys, this functionality empowers an employer to understand an employee at an individual level better.

The usefulness of this feature in regards to your employee experience strategy is following:

Empowered Employees

Using this feature, the employees are made to have their say on various matters, which empowers them. It also gives them a feeling of wanting and worthiness, making them more dedicated and loyal. As a consequence, their performance and productivity levels increase.

It goes without saying that with a feeling of empowerment, the employee experience becomes a positive manifold.

Listening Culture

The listening culture’s (false) belief is that the employees only listen to the company or its top-tier employees. And that the employees are not heard/listened to in return. However, a listening culture involves mutual listening and the exchange of thoughts.

With this feature from Bravo, you can incorporate a genuine listening culture at your workplace.

Notably, the employees are incentivized to share their thoughts and opinions more frequently. It not only encourages the employees but also helps to improve their experience with the organization.

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Bravo! Peer Feedback

Bravo! Peer Feedback

The fundamental use of Bravo enables you to implement peer feedback culture through its feature Bravo! Peer Feedback. Moreover, it is a great employee experience strategy.

In peer feedback, employees can give performance feedback about their peers and the likes of leads and managers as well.

With such a feedback system, your employees can feel equally cared for and meaningful as the highly-ranked employees. And this, as a result, helps to build a better employee experience.

Bravo! Peer feedback makes the employee experience positive in the following ways:

Equal workplace relations

Peer feedback implies feedback given to anyone irrespective of the position of the provider and the receiver. As a result, all your employees enjoy equal or peer workplace relations.

This feature makes the employees’ perception of their company positive, resulting in a pleasant employee experience.

Culture of transparency

Bravo! Peer feedback helps you to ensure transparency across your organization since everyone is equally evaluated.

Using this feature, the team members can give feedback on how the lead/manager led them. Also, they can provide feedback concerning the role and contribution of the team lead. And this sets a unique transparency culture at a workplace.

Bravo makes it possible to question the leads/ managers and the ones working under them alike. And with this, the employee experience at your workplace is more than likely to become optimistic.

Esteemed workforce

Your workforce with Bravo’s peer feedback feature is bound to become esteemed. And with no employee distinguished in the peer feedback, it helps to shape the employee experience for the better.

The performance level of your employees also elevates due to this feature.

Bravo! Focus

Bravo! Focus

Bravo! Focus is another great feature for making your employee experience strategy effective.

It shapes the employee experience by making the employees realize their true potential and what they’re capable of accomplishing.

As with its name, you can improve the focus, and thus the output, of your employees using it.

It allows the employees to share their endeavoring tasks with the whole workforce. And this, as a result, gives them a greater extrinsic motivation to achieve the announced tasks.

In addition to this, employees can also mention the employees with them on the same task. Thus, it gives a sense of shared responsibility to the other members as well.

Understandably, when the employees share their task publicly, accomplishing it earns public recognition and appreciation. However, it is not the public recognition that makes the employees work harder.

When the employees announce to achieve challenging work at a public level, there is a risk of public discredit in case of failure. Resultantly, the fear of a vast loss of face brings the best out of the employees.

Lastly, all this leads to greater job satisfaction, which is ideal for your employee experience strategy.


You can build a compelling employee experience strategy with Bravo since it helps create the desired perspective in people’s minds, within and outside.

It comes with features such as Bravo! Voice, Bravo! Peer feedback, and Bravo! Focus. And you can leverage these features to make a robust strategy for a positive employee experience.

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