10 Creative Employee Reward Program Ideas in 2021

When it comes to rewarding employees, why is it so critical?

In today’s tight battle to attract and keep employees, employee recognition is critical.

Companies go to great lengths to find and hire the best employees. HR experts are now using advanced marketing methods to recruit and persuade top individuals to accept their job offers.

Once you’ve hired a top-tier candidate, your work isn’t done. They have to put in a lot of effort to retain their best employees satisfied, productive and devoted.

In this situation, employee recognition programs ideas can be quite beneficial to businesses.

Employee reward program ideas are critical for retaining top employees.

  • People often leave their employment because they feel undervalued, according to Gallup’s findings.
  • Sixty-five percent of employees polled by Gallup said they had gotten no appreciation for their hard work in the previous year.
  • According to a CareerBuilder study, 50% of employees said they’d stay if their contributions were recognized in some way.
  • Over 35% of employees surveyed by Tjinsite blame lack of acknowledgment as the most significant barrier to their productivity.

Hence implementing practical employee reward program ideas is necessary to keep your staff and keep them motivated, engaged, and productive.

Characteristics of An Efficient Program of Employee Appreciation

Highlight Individual Successes

It’s critical to know what makes a particular employee appreciation program useful and successful before putting one in place.

According to Gallup’s findings, the most effective acknowledgment form is honest and tailored to the recipients’ preferences.

When asked who gave them their most significant and memorable acknowledgment, employees were questioned in a recent Gallup workplace study.

According to the findings, a manager is the most likely source of special recognition (28%), followed by a high-level manager or CEO (24 percent).

Respondents emphasized four sorts of acknowledgment when asked about the most memorable ones:

  1. Recognizing Publicly (acknowledgment via an award, certificate, or commendation)
  2. Recognizing Privately (from a boss, peer, or customer)
  3. Promotional (or increase in work or responsibility to show trust)
  4. Award of Money (such as a trip, prize, or pay increase)

Money isn’t the only method to show your appreciation for your staff, as you can see.

Recognizing your staff and letting them know you appreciate their efforts doesn’t have to be expensive.

According to a recent Office vibe study, Eighty-two percent of employees believe that giving someone praise is preferable to giving them a gift.

Ideas for recognizing your employees: how do you pick the finest ones?

What are Amazing Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

Your company’s choice of employee appreciation program ideas will be determined by several variables, including:

  • The amount of money you have available
  • The total number of people who work for you
  • The values of your business
  • Your company’s culture

To reward employees, there isn’t a “one size fits all” technique. Therefore tailoring your employee recognition program to meet the goals and needs of your workforce is essential.

Get feedback from your staff by conducting a survey and finding out what they want and wish to be recognized.

Compile a list of all of your company’s recognition awards and have your employees vote on the ones they like the most. Consider requesting that they submit their thoughts and ideas as well!

You’ll know you’re thanking your employees with something they’ll appreciate that way.

Ideas for Employee Reward Program

To get you started, here are ten creative employee program ideas:

➢  Employee Reward Program Ideas (Public)

Elevating Employee Engagement in the New Normal

1.  A pleasant surprise to show appreciation

Surprise your best employees with a party! Cake, confetti, and their favorite songs are all wonderful additions.

2.  Use social media to get the word out

Be sure to share a snapshot of your team on social media so that they may be proud of their accomplishments. Don’t forget to add them to your list of tags!

3.  Newsletter

Incorporate success tales about your staff in your company newsletter.

➢  Employee Reward Program Ideas (Private)

Benefits & Engagement Managers

4.  An untyped note

Thank your staff in person, whether it’s with a handwritten message or a sticky note.

5.  Delivery to a person’s house

Your employee will appreciate receiving a gift basket filled with gourmet chocolates and a beautiful bouquet delivered to their home.

➢  Employee Reward Program Ideas (Promotional and Similar)

Challenged & Comprehend

6.  A new position

Reward your employee by giving them promotions to a more senior position.

7.  A chance to work as an ambassador

You can enlist the help of employees to represent your firm at a function they wouldn’t usually attend.

8.  Enlist their help or solicit their ideas

Asking for advice on significant business matters will show your employees how much you appreciate their views.

➢  Employee Reward Program Ideas (Monetary and Others)

Monetary Rewards Vs. Non-Monetary Rewards

9.  A wage increases

Employees like it when you give them a raise.

10. A lavish holiday

Plan a luxurious trip for your employees to a faraway place.


Programs that reward employees are essential for any business that hopes to be successful.

Employee reward programs ideas are essential in today’s business, not just lovely to have.

Employee satisfaction largely depends on their feeling of accomplishment. Your employees will be more productive if you show them that their efforts are acknowledged and valued if they’re happy.

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