Employee Rewards

In the past few decades, we have seen some drastic changes in the corporate world. From products to markets and from people to organizations. Continuous advancement in technologies and other business innovations have changed the corporate world on a structural level. One of these changes includes employee experience.

In the past, employee motivation was just considered as an outcome of good remuneration. However, the scenario is much different today. Employee experience apart from customer experience is a big deal for the modern corporate world. No business wants their good resources to quit or to switch their jobs because they are a company’s valuable assets. Moreover, finding a productive resource is much more difficult with the ongoing competition in the markets today.

Importance of Employee Engagement

Consequently, many companies have now opted for employee engagement programs; so that they can keep their employees happy and productive all year long. That is so because lack of employee engagement can lead to a visible decrease in productivity, retention, motivation, innovation and workplace well-being

According to a claim by ORC International in 2016, only 58% percent of employees feel engaged at work whereas a fifth of employees would not recommend their company as a healthy workplace. In another study in the US, it was found out that disengaged employees cost companies $450 to $550 billion each year

These studies recommend the companies to be more vigilant about employee engagement and to give their employees enough opportunities for personal recognition. 

Employee Recognition & Rewarding

Employee engagement includes all those activities that keep your employees focused and positive about their jobs – while being socially engaged with their colleagues. It requires an employer to be appreciative and respectful to his/her subordinates. A great way for employers to increase their employees’ motivation is to target all those things that motivate them. 

While we talk about motivation, what’s better than implementing a reward program. A reward program is basically a way of showing appreciation to your employees in a tangible manner. However, a reward program without the active engagement of your employees may not be that effective. What you can do is;

  • You can involve your employees in the decisions for choosing the reward types. 
  • You can implement a reward point system where the team members can reward each other via reward points for doing a good job. Put points against each reward as a price, so that your employees can exchange them later.

Now, whatever you do, the aim should be to create a positive employee experience where they can feel motivated all the time.

Employee Rewards

Importance of Customer Experience and Feedback in Employee Engagement

Why do we motivate our employees? To boost their productivity, right? And why do we need them to be productive? So that we can garner good customer experience. Therefore, what if we could align the experiences of both our internal (employees) and external customers? Don’t you think that could change the fate of your company for good?

With the advent of employee engagement and motivation, many great results have been seen by companies from different industries. However, even with this notion companies are still missing on a great opportunity. Instead of keeping all their attention on the single side of the coin; they have a chance to remove the barrier between these two groups and keep them engaged with the business at the same time. 

Just like Robert G. Thompson said; ”Realize that employees and the customers both have to be engaged, at the same time, to move your business forward for sustainable success.” 

So, what do we mean by “keeping them engaged at the same time”?

Well, for that, let us first remind you what customer engagement is; customer engagement includes all those activities in which a customer reconnects with your business via different channels. Or in simpler words; customer engagement is a customer interacting and sharing the experiences that you create for him/her

Now, consider you have a good number of already engaged customers and presently you’re focussing on employee engagement. You would obviously want to create an effective reward system for them. But you’ve just learned that there’s a way you can keep your customers and employees engaged at the same time. How is that possible? Well, BRAVO is your answer

BRAVO is here to introduce the business world with the future of employee engagement. It presents you with a reward system where you can reward your employees on the basis of good customer feedback. In this way, not only your employees will see how their actions have a direct impact on the final customers; but they will also stay motivated to improve themselves and earn better customer feedback.

How does BRAVO work?

We made BRAVO with an aim to make it the next big thing in the employee engagement industry. Nevertheless, we are proud to say that we succeeded in our ambition. The idea of BRAVO was inspired by the lack of customer-centricity in today’s business world that causes difficulty in achieving corporate success. Many organizations are struggling with it because they don’t have the proper means to collect, interpret, and share customer feedback. In addition to that, they don’t provide proper incentives to their employees to encourage customer focus. 

However, BRAVO came up with an employee engagement platform in the form of an online workspace for your organization; where you can easily acknowledge and reward your employees on the basis of good customer feedback you receive. BRAVO aims to take customer & employee experience tracking to the next step. It provides assistance to your company in; 

Aggregating all customer feedback from different sources

You can easily integrate customer feedback from every source including Trustpilot, eKomi, Google MyBusiness, Facebook, etc. and share them with your employees.

Employee engagement and rewarding AROUND customer experience

Feedback will be updated continuously and employees will get to see a constant stream of customer feedback the company receives.

Encouraging continuous customer experience improvements driven by positive employee engagement

You can recognize customer feedback against your employees’ efforts and encourage them with rewards through a reward-point system. 

BRAVO is the result of over 10 years of collecting, managing & publishing customer feedback. So, we’re the best at what we do. As a business owner who wouldn’t want to serve their customers in the best possible way. Therefore, we recommend you to try BRAVO out for a month or so and see its magic. Sign up on BRAVO today and;

  • Create a #CustomerFirst organization
  • Engage employees with positive customers experience
  • Increase both customer and employee satisfaction with a single solution

All of this without any hassle of training, and integrations.

Please visit and easily create an account for your company. If you aren’t yet ready to try it, let us know if you are interested to know more. We’ll organize a short demo for you so you can see how this can work.

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