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Making mistakes is unavoidable, but what is the silliest mistake you can make with your employee rewards? Read below to find out:

1. The silliest mistake with employee rewards

This mistake is something we witness every day, namely when companies adopt an employee reward system but do not actually care about employee engagement. For many managers, motivating and appreciating employees is simply not on their priorities list. So what do they do instead? Half-heartedly implement a rewards program and count this problem as solved. This might seem like a good solution at the time, but it always tends to backfire. Your employees can feel it when you are not invested in the appreciation program and you are doing it only for appearances.

2. Why is this a silly mistake?

For many managers, this could be a viable course of action to indicate that they care about their employees. However, just implementing a rewards program without actively being involved with it can come across as shallow and not genuine. What employees want is to feel heard and for their efforts to be appreciated. And if you refuse to do this, no reward can fix your relationship with your employees. 

3. What to do instead?

So you might wonder what is the correct action then? Well, implementing a rewards system is a great start. However, make sure that the upper management is not only on board with the rewards system, but actively invested in it.

In fact, an appreciation program should be accompanied by open communication with your staff. Your employees need to feel heard and be able to express any concerns or ideas they might have. In addition, ask them about what sort of rewards they would be interested in and make sure to offer those. 

Furthermore, it is a good idea to tie the rewards to any positive customer feedback you have received. In this way, you show your employees how their work has had a direct impact on a customer’s life. Feeling like their work has meaning is the quickest way to increase your employees’ productivity and job satisfaction.

Finally, make sure that you don’t turn the rewards system into a competition! Even though some friendly competition is always good, make sure that you give your managers the option to give reward points to a whole team, as well as teammates to give each other points.

In conclusion, this silly mistake can lead to a lot of lost productivity, absenteeism and some of your best employees leaving the company. So, use our tips to avoid it and to further motivate your employees to do better! And if you are still on the lookout for an exceptional employee rewards tool, check out BRAVO!: https://getbravo.io/pricing/

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