Whether a business is small or big, it always in a dire need of motivated employees. Efficient workers are needed who can perform effectively. Employee’s motivation brings positivity towards the company’s goals and objectives. In addition, the increase in sales, revenues and brand name are also the results.

However, challenging environment is always good for company growth. It will be no difficulty for Motivated employees to make their room around. They will be able to solve all the problems when they feel they are part of the company.

Employee Motivation Defined As;

If a person working in your company is happy with the work he’s doing. Also, he shows a great sense of commitment and dedication towards his job. And, he diligently engages his self with the company’s goals and objectives. Then, this is what we can call a “Motivated Employee”.

Moreover, employees motivation comes from two patterns. I.e. Intrinsic or extrinsic. Which means these factors can be internal or could be external. Intrinsic rewards are something which you get in the form of acceptance, independence in work, authority and power. On the contrary, extrinsic rewards are in the form of monetary terms. They can be given in the form of lunch/dinner coupons, bonuses or any monthly reward for their work.

Here, managers play a vital role. If they get to know what is the motivating driven factors of an employee and act according to that. Then, the whole game of success will change!

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