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Employee motivation has many faces depending on the individual employee. We have collected below the 3 main types of employee motivation: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly:

1. The Good

The Good is where you find your favourite employees: the hardworking, dedicated employees. They are satisfied with their job and are highly engaged. They are committed to their job and their team and enjoy coming to the office every day. In addition, their personal values align with the company’s values. Those type of employees tend to already be motivated and need a small amount of extra encouragement to perform even better. Use motivation techniques such as employee of the month based on positive feedback from customers.

2. The Bad

The Bad is where the majority of your demotivated employees reside. They are hardworking, but they seem to lack the motivation to do their best. They might feel like their job is not meaningful or they cannot properly use their skills. Those employees might be lacking encouragement from a leader or a mentor or the support of their team.

The solution when dealing with such employees is to invest time in praising them and recognizing their efforts. Show them how their work affects the end customer and how their job has meaning and impact in the world. Challenge them to develop or mentor those around them and to develop their teamwork skills.

3. The Ugly

The Ugly consists of your most problematic employees – those who are completely unmotivated and disengaged. They also don’t seem to have respect for their team members or team leader, the work ethic and the company culture. Their negativity can easily spread to other employees and this can lead to lower productivity, more employee turnover and a toxic working environment. Their only motivation seems to be their paycheck. Therefore, consider implementing a rewards system. Ask them what rewards they might want to receive and base those rewards on customer feedback. This will encourage them to work harder and perform better. Furthermore, it will outline the positive behaviour you want from them and motivate them to embrace it.

In addition, constantly communicate your vision and explain the goal of their tasks and projects. This will give them the feeling of purpose they crave and show them the potential they have inside of them. Use positive reinforcement any time you see any positive development from their side and you will surely soon see them turning into your best employees!

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