As a manager, how often do you witness a new employee start working for you, all excited and ready to take on the world, and then their motivation gradually, but steady declines over time? Keeping your employees highly motivated at all times seems impossible to many companies. And the truth is that today there are much better ways to keep your employees happy and excited about their job. Read our 3 suggestions for replacements of the traditional employee motivation strategies below:

1. Employee Rewards

Many managers and HR staff have witnessed the situation we described above. However, this issue can easily be solved by being proactive. Offering employee rewards is one way to do so. By offering rewards to your staff, you show that you value them continuously. In addition, you also stimulate them to do their utmost best at work. Therefore, find out what kind of rewards interest your employees and start offering them on a regular basis. In addition, give the opportunity for employees to rate and reward their team members and colleagues as well.

2. Employee Engagement

Did you know that, according to a Dale Carnegie study, companies which have engaged employees perform 202% better than those with disengaged staff?

If your employees are disengaged, this may lead to lower productivity, higher employee turnover, more mistakes, days off work and frustration. Therefore, increasing your employees’ engagement levels can single-handedly increase productivity and morale.

If you wonder how to increase employee engagement, consider this: the biggest driver of engagement is when yours and your employee’s values align. This leads to what researches describe as “a true sense of connection, a common purpose and a shared sense of meaning at work”.  

3. Employee Satisfaction

Once you have considered employee rewards and engagement, the final step is to make sure that their satisfaction levels are high. After all, your employees are the face of your company and if they are dissatisfied with their work, your end customer will always sense it. And nobody wants to buy from a company which doesn’t treat its employees right! Therefore, consider asking your employees how satisfied they are with their jobs and what would they improve. You would be surprised by the number of insights you can gain by simply asking for feedback.

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult for a manager to understand the struggles his or her employees are facing, especially if the employees never voice them out loud. Therefore, asking your employees for feedback and working together with them to improve their satisfaction levels can make the difference between a successful company and a mediocre one!

In conclusion, nowadays employee motivation is no longer the primary way to get the most out of your staff. Consider replacing it with employee rewards, high engagement and satisfaction. This will ultimately improve your workplace culture, team spirit and productivity!

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