11 Great Examples of Employee Reward Program Ideas

Employee reward program ideas help to retain those employees who go above and beyond for the company.

Employee recognition is an appreciation from a company for all the efforts that an employee makes.

It is always a good practice for a company to appreciate its employees. Because the employees tend to leave the place where their hard work goes unappreciated.

  • A survey reveals employee unappreciation as one of the main reasons for an employee to quit a company.
  • In a poll, 65 percent of the employees said that they had not been appreciated for their work for a year.
  • As per a study, 50 percent of the employees are likely to stay if their hard work is substantially acknowledged.

That said, employee appreciation is better done in the form of rewards. Thus, the employee rewards make the dedication of an employee fruitful towards a company.

Given the importance of employee rewards, this article proposes 10 employee reward program ideas.

1. Run a press release

Run a press release Employee Reward Program Ideas

Do a press release to appreciate your employee’s effort. It has two-fold benefits.

You appreciate your employees at a vastly public level. And that is more than likely to make the employee keep up the good work. Moreover, the employee may even try to exceed your expectations.

There is another benefit to running a press release.

You promote publicly that your employees go and beyond in making your services worthy and satisfactory.

After the story is published, you may frame the very article. So it could be presented to the employee as a gift.

2. Give a social media shout out

Give a social media shout out Employee Reward Program Ideas

Give a shout-out to your hard-working employee on social media platforms. It is one of the public Employee reward program ideas to acknowledge your employee’s efforts.

However, do not forget to tag them. Because you don’t want them to remain unaware of your appreciation.

After all, it is for them that you took to social media.

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3. Surprise Celebration

Surprise Celebration

Appreciate your hard-working employees by a surprising celebration.

Make their day at the office by giving them an unexpected party for all the efforts they put in.

4. Buy tickets for an exclusive event

Buy tickets for an exclusive event Employee Reward Program Ideas

Buying tickets to some exclusive event is one of the exciting Employee reward program ideas for your employees.

The tickets could be to a movie premiere or VIP access to a concert. Tickets for the front row seats of a game are also an exciting reward.

5. Provide educational opportunities

Provide educational opportunities

Educational opportunities, as one of the Employee reward program ideas, can go a long way for a business.

Empower your employees in being better with their educational background. Because it eventually helps the company.

The educational opportunities include but are not limited to conferences, external certifications, seminars, training for educational purposes.

6. Give them a raise

Give them a raise

One of the best employee reward program ideas is to give raises to your highly productive and engaging employees.

Nothing gets better than receiving a raise for all the work one puts in for a company.

7. Invite to executive meetings

Invite to executive meetings

Inviting your employees to the executive meetings is one of the creative employee reward program ideas.

Let your hardworking employees attend the meeting with all the executives of the company.

It boosts their confidence.

It gives them the exposure that is required to become better in their interpersonal skills.

This helps them to communicate with the executives easily. So they can share their opinion and ideas on essential matters.

It only helps a company to move forward.

8. Ask their opinion

Ask their opinion

Asking the opinion of your employees is one of those employee reward program ideas that do not cost anything. However, it does makes a colossal impact.

It makes the employees feel good about themselves. And they feel valued.

9. Using an online platform

Using an employee reward and recognition platform can provide much relief. Therefore, one of our employee reward program ideas is to use Bravo.

Bravo is a peer-to-peer recognition platform.

In peer-to-peer recognition, anyone, including the CEO, can be appreciated for their work.

Using Bravo, employees at all levels are provided points for their work. And for the particular points, rewards are given.

10. Promotion


There can be no better way to appreciate your dedicated employees than giving them a promotion.

To some, it may not be THE BEST practice. However, it is surely one of the best employee reward program ideas you can get.

Promote your productive and hardworking employees. It includes almost every reward that an employee longs for.

The promotion has everything an employee wishes for: a raise in the salary, a better job title, career advancement, higher workplace hierarchy.

Getting a promotion, an employee understands that going beyond their limits does not go in vain. Thus, the level of productivity and engagement is maintained.

11. Newsletter

Feature your dedicated employees in the newsletter of your company.

It is one of those employee reward program ideas in which the employee gets acknowledged publicly for the work.

The Takeaways

With the Employee reward program ideas, a company makes the employees worthwhile.

By practicing it, a company can thus retain its worthy and valuable employees. It also helps to keep the employees working tirelessly and dedicatedly for a company.

A company that seldom appreciates its hard-working employees is unlikely to be as successful as the company that actively does employee recognition.

Moreover, the employees are likely to leave a workplace where their good work is never valued. Thus the employee retention tends to become lower as well.

Good raises, promotions, educational opportunities, tickets to exclusive events, social media shutouts are few Employee reward program ideas. You may adopt the one that suits your organization.

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