How does Bravo help as an Employee Reward Program

As an employee reward program, Bravo is an ideal choice for any organization. It comes with multiple features that allow a company to recognize and reward its employees.

Additionally, the work model of Bravo is based on recognizing and rewarding the employees at a public level. It is to make them have the required motivation for serving the company with hard work and all their potential. It is how Bravo as an employee reward program is helpful.

This article discusses the help of Bravo as a reward program for employees. For that reason, we bring into light its features and work model as an employee reward program:

Work-model of Bravo as an Employee Reward program

The working model of Bravo as an employee reward program helps organizations significantly in effectively rewarding their employees. And it is discussed as under:

1. Results

To leverage its Results

Bravo helps as an employee reward program by sharing the performance of the employees to perform recognition. So, you can easily share the high-performance levels of your hardworking employees with your entire workforce to appreciate them.

When a company shares the contributions of its employees, it makes sure that its dedicated employees stay on the course of good work. Moreover, when a company performs recognition publicly, it generally motivates the recognized employees to continue working hard.

Importantly, Bravo lets you share the performance of your employees on the integrated apps, besides sharing them on the platform of Bravo.

2. Recognition

Employee Reward Program

Bravo helps as an employee reward program by using recognition (performed in the first step) to reward employees. Therefore, you can reward your employees based on their contributions and achievements.

Importantly, besides having a catalog of rewards, Bravo comes with an international rewards feature. This feature helps significantly in rewarding your international/ global/ overseas employees.

The international rewards catalog can be utilized by users of over 25 countries in their local currency. These countries include the likes of India, Spain, Bulgaria, etc. 

3. Reward

Having the Completely Wrong Idea About Motivation

Today, many organizations have started to accept the important role that rewards play in motivating employees. However, rewarding the employees was only an extra expense with no productive output for organizations a while back.

Bravo as an employee reward program helps drive employee motivation due to its effective rewards and recognition.

4. Motivation

results Employee Reward Program

By inciting employee motivation, a company can make the most of its workforce’s potential. Also, it makes the employees work past their limits. Thus, with the employees motivated, they tend to work harder and better.

Bravo as an employee reward program brings motivation to employees, their productivity and engagement increase, so a company becomes successful by achieving its organizational goals.

Features of Bravo as an Employee Reward Program

1. Monthly Allowances

There is one thing common to almost all of us: a new month comes with our outstanding bills and dues. And as an employee reward program, Bravo enables you to provide your employees with monthly allowances. So, it could become easier for your employees to lower their expenses.

This empathy goes a long way in buying the employees’ loyalty, which can do wonders for a company. So, with this feature, Bravo rewards the employees and helps to make them more devoted.

2. Referral Bonuses

Bravo helps you implement referral bonuses in your rewards program. It means that every time your employees help you find a competent candidate, they can be rewarded in the form of a referral bonus.

With this feature, a company benefits in two of the following ways:

a) Firstly, it gives a company a wide range of choices when choosing candidates for the available position. And so, a company can select the candidate with the required skill sets amongst the available list of candidates.

b) Secondly, with employees included in the organizational matters, it helps make the workplace more inclusive. As a result, it gives employees a sense of belonging, resulting in a more loyal workforce.

This feature, in conclusion, helps acquire top-tier candidates and make the workplace more inclusive.

3. Special day rewards

special rewards

The help of Bravo as an employee reward program is not limited to rewards and recognition only. Besides helping you reward employees, Bravo allows you to celebrate their special events, both professional and private.

The special events of your employees that this feature enables you to celebrate by rewarding them includes birthdays, the birth of a child, work and marriage anniversaries, etc. Moreover, it also lets you reward your employees at public events (Christmas, New Year, etc.).

A significant aspect of this feature is that it rewards employees automatically. Therefore, you are not required to perform any action on a particular day. As a result, you can count on this feature from Bravo for rewarding and wishing these days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do employers reward employees?

Employers reward employees by utilizing the platform of Vidmonials that helps to reward the workforce in many different ways.

What is Bravo recognition?

Bravo recognition refers to publicly sharing the results of employees. And based on this recognition, employees are rewarded, so they can become motivated.

What types of rewards are motivating?

Different employees can get motivation from different rewards. Therefore, Bravo comes with a catalog of rewards to motivate your employees.

How can I reward my employees without money?

To reward your employees without money, you can use Bravo, which provides a great deal of help in performing non-monetary yet effective employee recognition and rewarding.


Bravo as an employee reward program is advantageous. Its model and its features both make your recognition fruitful.

To learn more about its utility as a reward program for employees, you can book a demo here.

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