Being a manager it is a solemn duty of him to guide and inspire his subordinates. By doing so, if he gets succeeded in turning his employees into their best versions that not only the employees would be happy but its a great achievement of yours as well.

Sometimes, it is getting difficult for the managers to keep the harmony between two job roles. That is, keeping his own job done within time. In addition, guide the employees in their tasks. However, the employees would show their best when they are being morally supported as well as with the monetary counts.

In this blog, we will tell you how you can get the best out of your employees by giving them rewards.

Create a transparent and effective feedback culture

The best way which can benefit you is to create an effective feedback policy. For example; if 5 people are engaged in a single project. Each and every individual is subjected to appreciate the other’s work. Not only the manager or the team lead would tell about the individual’s performance but also the peers. What will it do? It will help the employees to get to know each other more. They will readily put their efforts and help each other on a specific problem.

However, giving feedback will lead to rewards. The person with the maximum reward points or the best feedback would get a dedicated reward. No one will be demotivated. As it will eliminate the probability of favouritism because not only one person would be encouraging the efforts but all the team members.

Appreciation of good work with deadlines

A good manager will always assign the checklist to his teammates. As checklists help to know how much work has been done and in what time frame.

In this way, all the individuals would know they are facing deadlines and they have to get their jobs done within time. This will not demotivate them because upon the completion of their task they will be rewarded if they show a great deal of work.


Giving rewards to the employees would always boost the morale of employees. It will drive the sense of being recognized and appreciated amongst the employees. Moreover, if someone is putting their effort in the work then they are most deserving for the rewards.

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