Overcome Ongoing HR Challenges In The Healthcare Industry With BRAVO

All industries’ human resource management sector has faced countless challenges over the years after the emergence of the pandemic. But most of those challenges remain unsolved and are following us throughout 2022. 

Healthcare is the most significant sector of our society, and these professionals have faced many challenges, from stabilizing the number of patients related to COVID-19 and other fatal diseases to the urge of improving employer branding.

What is the Role of HR in the Healthcare Industry?  

Role of HR in the Healthcare

The jobs of healthcare HR professionals are not just about hiring nurses and doctors. They are responsible to streamline the range of candidates sourced, interviewed, managed, and hired – from PhDs to freshers, goes in between everything. 

Moreover, you will find that the healthcare industry’s HR department also deals with various staffing needs, ongoing personnel management, training, and development. 

So, all the HR professionals are always on their toes because the position is highly critical to patient outcomes. 

Important Stats of Human Resource Management in the Healthcare Industry

  • 90% of hospital executives believe that in the next 10 years, they will experience a deficiency of specialists, generalists, physicians, nurses, and other clinicians, which hamper their ability to deliver high-quality care. (Source: Prudential)
  • According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics projections, the number of healthcare jobs in the US will grow by nearly 12 percent between 2018 and 2028.
  • According to AMN’s 2021 Healthcare Trends Report, healthcare workers believe burnout could be the most disruptive force in the healthcare industry in the coming years. 

3 Major HR Challenges in the Healthcare Industry to Address in 2022

Here are some significant ongoing challenges faced by our healthcare HR professionals. 

Clinical Staffing is Still Prioritized

Clinical Staffing is Still Prioritized

The prominent challenge HR professionals face in healthcare is the staffing shortage for clinical workers. Despite plenty of improvement, the deficit is likely to remain the same. Resultantly, HR departments are pressured to identify ways to optimize limited staffing. 

As Todd Furniss ( CEO at TFIP Group) says, 

“Healthcare providers may be the most mission-oriented professionals of all.” 

Healthcare HR professionals must work with clinicians to pioneer new working methodologies that will optimize the use of human resources. One of the significant factors that are impacting healthcare worker shortage is “Compensation.” Therefore, healthcare HR professionals should re-evaluate their compensation and appraisal structures to attract and retain more full-time and part-time talent. 

2. Burnout Continuous Deflating Morale Factor

During the pandemic, most healthcare workers were found to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder due to their irregular work hours. Their job included recovering from immense illnesses, handling countless deaths, and often staying quarantined to protect their families. Consequently, healthcare professionals have looked after lots of COVID-19 patients suffering without their families by their side, which also impacts clinical workers’ mental health.

However, burnout situations are extraordinarily troubling and something your healthcare HR team must address proactively. So, creating a more comfortable environment while working through PTSD will help improve patient outcomes. The best and most modern approach to creating a healthier environment for clinical staff is through digital employee engagement and appreciation software. 

3. Hospitals Need to Work on Employer Branding

Hospitals Need to Work on Employer Branding

To attract and retain talent, healthcare organizations need to be honest about what working environment they provide. Employee branding is one of the essential components of an effective recruiting strategy. You need to be capable of showing the new talent that you care about. So, in this regard, you need to coordinate with your IT team to come up with possible HR and Employee Engagement portals to develop a workplace culture that everyone desires.

How can you motivate and attract new hires or potential employees? To attract the right employees who are passionate about work, you need to build an inspiring and appreciative culture.

How can we overcome these Challenges?

How can we overcome these Challenges

Human resource jobs are incredibly challenging, particularly in the healthcare industry. To meet staffing needs and evolving medical fields, you must invest in robust multi-tasking HR and Employee Rewards and Recognition Software. First, you need to start automating tasks to manage large volumes of employee and customer data efficiently. An efficient HR management tool will make you capable of managing employees, performances, compensations, appraisals, and lots more. 

Moreover, employee engagement software will help open a proactive line of communication and gather valuable employee feedback. When employees are provided with an opportunity to express their concerns, HR professionals can easily spot the room for improvement and build an exceptional workplace experience. 

Role of an Employee Rewards & Recognition Platform for Healthcare Business

Many HR pain points can be solved or reduced with our modern employee rewards and recognition system – BRAVO. It will mainly help you to streamline and modernize employee engagement processes and focus on tackling higher-value concerns, like retention and engagement. 

Overcome Staffing Shortage by Building an Excellent Workplace

Employees love their workspace when they feel appreciated and motivated by their organization. Similarly, when your clinical staff is valued and encouraged with their favorite rewards and compensations, they will definitely come up with exceptional outcomes.  

BRAVO makes it easy for healthcare HR professionals to reward their clinical staff by using simple software. It allows HR professionals to manage employee incentives, appraisals, and lots more. Now, workers don’t have to wait for annual bonuses, as BRAVO enables them to receive instant recognition and BRAVO points, which they can redeem in the form of unlimited reward options. Thus, in this way, healthcare HR pros will be able to retain their excellent employees and also attract more new talent. 

Revolutionize a Healthy Culture 

Immense stress and pressure can badly affect the health of medical workers. In order to keep them motivated and productive, you need to cherish happy moments around the corner. Whether it’s an employee’s birthday, work anniversary, or outstanding achievement, you can engage all your stakeholders to celebrate and appreciate them. 

Moreover, you can give your employees BRAVOs on different occasions, goal accomplishments, and achievements, enabling them to enjoy real-time rewards.

Employee and Performance Management

Gone are the days when you had to manually collect feedback forms from the head of departments to evaluate the performance of team members. Now, you can digitally create feedback forms and collect valuable responses from employees in no time. Moreover, BRAVO’s interactive dashboard also enables you to manage team members effortlessly, gather peer feedback, and get insights into how your clinical staff is performing and what engagement trends will be helpful to deliver the best healthcare services. 

Offer Favorite Gifts and Bonuses to Staff

Employees only feel encouraged to achieve something that is useful for them. So, with BRAVO’s custom reward shop, you can ensure everyone gets the recognition they deserve. Choose your favorite rewards, gift coupons, and bonuses that match best with your healthcare organization’s values, to let everyone enjoy the benefits of a job well done. 

Offer Favorite Gifts and Bonuses to Staff

Improving HR in Healthcare Industry – Wrap Up

The Healthcare industry is getting complicated and stressful for professionals everywhere; people tasked with managing and supporting doctors and nurses are doing the most challenging job. So, HR professionals in healthcare need an efficient digital solution to improve employee engagement, job satisfaction, and in turn, the quality of healthcare services.

With BRAVO, you can help employees become more effective and more satisfied with their jobs. 

To learn more about how BRAVO can help you with these HR challenges in the healthcare industry, you can get in touch with us by dropping your concerns at

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