When you know your employees are the assets of your company but being an owner you have to keep the things in line. That is, to keep the employees satisfy as well as maintaining the account balance.

While creating the employee’s reward programs you must go through the details of every aspect. You must have the clarity in the vision and goals that you want from your employees to achieve for your company.

Rewards and recognition are to be handled in a critical manner. This means that you should have a strong overlook over the rewards given to the employees by the managers. i.e. manager is not giving the rewards to similar employee over and over again. there must be a balance. This is how you would be able to balance the outflows and inflows.

Let’s learn what you can do that actually helps you to save your money and on the contrary recognize the employees.

Beforehand do the homework for program building

When you are devising the methods to recognize your employees, first research. See what they like and what will applaud them the most. The HR department should do the survey in which they get to know about the level of appreciation their employees want and what they actually expect.

After knowing their opinions, devise the policies. Sometimes money matter to some but for others being appreciated upon the work or a holiday or relaxation in work from home matters the most. So, keep every opinion at the front and then act accordingly.

Communicate the criteria

You better make the criteria first and then let the employees know. What they have to do and on what basis they will be rewarded and how much. This will give a clear sense to them. Also, keep them motivated.

Don’t get biased

Make sure that when you are appraising your employees it would be justified and not biased. Sometimes manager due to their personal liking and disliking do the wrong evaluations which are totally unacceptable. However, if you keep a check upon it then everyone will do the work and put their say in front without any fear.


When you do above mentioned things it will help you in saving the cost. How? Well, when your employees feel appreciated and recognized they will stick to you. the turnover ratio will be less which automatically cut down the hiring and training cost. You will be able to save your time which you can invest somewhere more productive.

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