How To Motivate Millennials At The Workplace

Millennials are often vilified as a generation that can’t seem to find a place in the corporate world.

There is no doubt that millennials are a distinct generation from their Boomer parents, and they’re transforming the workplace to match their wants – or they’re leaving.

Understanding the wants and needs of millennials is critical, given that they currently account for more than a third of the American workforce and will continue to do so in the future.

This article will look at strategies to motivate millennials in the workplace.

Who are the millennials, and what are they like?

Who are the Motivate Millennials

Many people think of just youthful individuals when it comes to millennials. However, many millennials are currently in the middle of their careers.

Many millennials born between the mid-1980s and the early 2000s are now homeowners, parents, and supervisors of other millennials in the workplace. (Generation Z, those born after the year 2000, are not confused with them.)

Millennials, a significant and influential generation, have seen tremendous job disruption.

Many had just begun their careers in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008, and now they’re dealing with the coronavirus epidemic and the ensuing global economic instability on top of everything else.

In the eyes of older generations, millennials are self-absorbed narcissists who can’t seem to grow up fast enough.

They’re perceived as addicted to their phones, taking selfies, and generally acting like children.

Even though it’s a basic human need, they’re chastised for requesting feedback and appreciation in the workplace.

And they’re viewed as job-hopping slackers who can’t stay in one position for more than a year before moving on to the next one.

This generation of narcissistic millennials has no place in the workplace.

Millennials’ presence in the workforce is becoming critical.

From the millennials to the baby boomers, every generation wants and needs feedback and acknowledgment in the workplace.

Younger employees, in particular, place a high value on being able to see a route to advancement within their company. If they don’t, they’ll look elsewhere.

Also, it’s more expensive than you might expect to lose personnel. Because millennials make up the majority of your workforce, you must do everything you can to keep them engaged and motivated.

It can be costly and detrimental to your company’s success if you lose too many of them.

Millennials are more likely to stay and provide their best work when employers encourage and equip them daily. As a result, both your firm and your millennial employees will be better off.

How To Motivate Millennials At The Workplace?

Millennials aren’t as enigmatic as they’ve been painted. They have vastly different priorities when it comes to the workplace.

To effectively manage and to motivate millennials at the workplace, you must first ascertain their desire to make necessary adjustments.

The following are five ideas to motivate millennials at the workplace:

1.  Show them the Bigger Picture

Employee recognition Motivate Millennials

If you’re a millennial, you don’t only want to work for years at a time behind a desk.

When people can grasp the larger picture of what they’re doing and why it matters, they become considerably more engaged and driven.

Employees are looking for more than just a paycheck and a pension; they want to know how their efforts make a difference in the firm and the wider world.

An engaged and productive workforce results from communicating your vision to those who work for you successfully.

2.  IT know-how

In contrast to previous generations, millennials have grown up with a wide range of cutting-edge technology at their disposal, and they’re used to using it for everything.

Utilizing obsolete or manual methods irritates them; they are confident that a technological alternative may be discovered.

It’s time to take advantage of technological prowess to motivate millennials at the workplace.

Let millennials take the reins when it comes to implementing new technology.

3.  Focus on their ability to adapt

Motivate Millennials

Millennials know precisely how much work can be done from the comfort of their own home (or somewhere else entirely) rather than in the office.

Many prefer to work from home since they find office environments distracting and are less likely to make mistakes.

Flexibility is a top priority for them, and they’ll show you how to do it if you put your faith in them.

There’s nothing wrong with letting your staff work from home once in a while, but it’s time to give them a little more freedom and trust.

Do you need some assistance? Please make use of our advice on setting up a work plan that is suitable to motivate millennials at the workplace.

4.  New Development and Learning Opportunities

When experience coincides with culture

Many articles have been written about how millennials are keen to take on more challenges at work and rise through the ranks of the corporate ladder more quickly than previous generations.

However, despite the difficulties, the potential of utilizing such excitement cannot be underestimated!

Fantastic quality in employees is a desire to learn and grow that, in turn, helps to motivate millennials at the workplace.

You’ll reap the benefits of your employees’ increased motivation and output if you provide them with engaging and meaningful learning experiences and growth chances.

5.  Appreciate and Acknowledge

Listening culture

Millennials aren’t the only ones who like having their efforts and successes acknowledged at work.

On the other hand, Millennials place a high emphasis on rewards and recognition.

Your employees may leave your organization if they do not receive it.

More than seven in 10 employees in the millennial generation say they would be more devoted to their employer if they received more recognition.

As a result of using a tech-enabled recognition tool like BRAVO, your millennials will feel more valued and hence be less likely to leave.

Final Thoughts

All organizations must keep their younger employees interested and productive at work, as millennials are currently the largest group of workers in the workplace.

And if they feel undervalued, they’re not afraid to look for a new place to work that appreciates and drives them.

You can retain your best millennial employees happy and committed to your firm for years to come by concentrating on and sharing a similar purpose and vision for your organization, as well as by delivering thanks and acknowledgment regularly.

To keep your millennial staff (and everyone else) interested and encourage regular recognition, try using the BRAVO platform, a high-tech option. Recognizing and rewarding your team is a breeze with BRAVO.

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