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There is no denying that Work From Home is now the new normal corporate reality.

Moreover, the connection between employees and the company plays a huge role in how successful the business is and will be in the long run. 

The pandemic has forced many companies to build a strong culture with their employees for success by focusing on developing management skills. 

However, since employers can not physically be present around each of their employees, the need for employee engagement software has risen.

What Is Employee Engagement Software?

Employee engagement software enables businesses to collect and manage staff input, acknowledge employee accomplishments, and encourage good behavior. Besides, employee engagement solutions help turn employee feedback into actionable information. 

More so, organizations use employee engagement software to understand the sentiments of employees and promote recognition of employee success all over the company. And to encourage healthy activities that benefit the health or wellness of the organization or its employees. 

Employee engagement software is frequently used in HR departments as a substitute or a supplement for the traditional performance evaluation process. 

Pulse surveys, which are brief surveys delivered to workers at regular intervals with a curated selection of questions meant to properly measure employee engagement and the employee experience, are used by employee engagement technologies to elicit employee input.

Nevertheless, to your luck, BRAVO does exactly the same job. It is a complete engagement, recognition, rewards, and employee feedback platform. 

Moreover, employees can post their achievements here, and they can show their gratitude to other colleagues. Thus, this tool plays a role in building a productive environment in the workplace, keeping the top performers engaged. 

Therefore, not only is it beneficial for the on-site employees, BRAVO recognition & rewards is also an excellent engagement platform for all work-from-home employees.

However, only having a tool implemented in your workplace for engagement is not enough. There still are certain things that employers need to think about while their teams are working from home.

Ways You Could Re-Engage Your “Work From Home” Employees

Work From Home

Well, here are 11 excellent ways managers can re-engage their work from home employees.

1. Leadership


Leaders play an immense role in providing a place for employees to exchange ideas, analyzing the issues, and creating a comfortable atmosphere for communicating with each other and their teams.

During times of crisis, leaders of an organization should establish feelings of trust with employees by communicating clear information and giving all employees a voice. 

The top priority of an organization is to ensure that its employees continue to feel safe. The best way to do that is to listen. Therefore, you must equip yourself well to gather feedback and address employee concerns during times of emergency and crisis.

Moreover, BRAVO is just the right software for that need. It creates a culture of persistent recognition among your employees by providing them an opportunity to acknowledge, not only their peers but their managers as well.

2. Healthy Work Environment

Work From Home

This time and age must develop an environment of understanding, accountability, and transparency for employees. It helps in boosting their morale and productivity. 

Successful businesses need to have a strong employee development process and culture so that their team develops new skills while working from home. 

Furthermore, employees are more engaged and productive when they work without any prejudices. Work from home employees needs to work as a unit. Thus, organizations need to work together and be responsive to crises.

BRAVO’s interactive interface encourages the team members to engage comfortably and feel appreciated for their work at the same time. Thus, it helps in creating unity and trust among work from home employees.

3. Employees Safety And Establishing Positivity

Man Work From Home

Organizations are working hard to practice new ways to keep employees engaged, reducing stress and building an environment that’s safe for employees working from home. 

Research has shown that homeworking has delivered a 13 percent improvement in performance. There were other positive aspects as well like, greater job satisfaction and less staff absence and turnover. 

Office expenses of employees have been reduced, which have pushed them to work for a few extra hours. It was not easy in conventional workplaces where limited time was given.

Moreover, BRAVO recognition and rewards allow employers to acknowledge the efforts of each member in such a way that it induces both positivity and the notion of job security in their minds.

4. Offering Work From Home Engagement Activities

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When it comes to remote working, keeping staff engaged is a significant problem for businesses. Employee engagement is connected to employee well-being and productivity. According to several studies, this is especially true in times of uncertainty. 

Such a situation necessitates HR professionals and Internal Communications teams to devise innovative strategies to maintain strong team engagement even when they are physically apart.

However, most companies are working through various programs to make virtual workplaces more engaged by offering games, interactive sessions through skype and slack, video call celebrations, and much more.

More so, in BRAVO, you can also connect the game scores with BRAVO recognition points to make things a bit more interesting.

5. Perks And Discounts

Work From Home

Giving away some employee perks is another way to keep employees motivated to contribute towards their organization whether they are in the office or working from home. 

Some of these employee perks include corporate deals, cashback offers, insurance plans, free medical, gift cards, subscription plans, and more.

That is why the extensive reward collection that BRAVO offers vary from cash vouchers to gift cards from the top brands worldwide. The goal of this app is to see all your employees happy and well-rewarded.

6. Well-being Of Employees

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It can be a great effort to develop a wellness application and share it with your workforce. Also, it is the best time to make the most out of the available technology. 

Moreover, a mobile wellness application will encourage employees to participate in many health activities while staying home. 

7. Home Tour

Work From Home Tour

Home tours are a great way to connect with your employees emotionally.

In a video conference, you can ask each employee to walk around and give a quick tour of their home. It could as well be exciting if a team member has moved into a new home.

8. Offering Online Training

Work From Home Training

Organizations should buy an online learning management system and upload different training courses for their employees, to keep their knowledge fresh and updated.

9. Employee Feedback

Work From Home

A great way to ensure engagement in work from home employees is to ask them for feedback.

This feedback could be about anything, including opinions about improving an ongoing process or their views on the current company management.

BRAVO, as an employee engagement platform, provides custom survey forms to the managers for collecting periodic feedback from their employees. Thus, allowing your employees to contribute to the profitable development of your company.

10. Improve Relationship Between Employees And The Management

Work From Home

The organization must display trust in its team. Offering a friendly working style at the office can help make employees feel trusted, thus reducing stress and enhancing efficiency.

Moreover, you can use BRAVO to build a culture of celebrating its dark horses – senior or junior. When each team member receives their due recognition, their commitment to the management increases, and they are likely to stick around for long.

11. Funds To Set Up Home Office

Work From Home

Your employees will appreciate you for helping them build up their home offices or redo the existing ones.

According to a poll by HR consultant Mercer, roughly two-thirds of employers provide or reimburse for the needs of new remote workers: Laptops are covered by 55 percent, mobile phones by 33 percent, printers by 26 percent, and ergonomic equipment by 24 percent.

Only 32% of businesses indicated they were not contributing to the expenditures.

Therefore, it is important to realize the need of your employees in the changing environment, as they are fulfilling their commitments even in these challenging times.


In the end, employee empowerment and engagement depend on each other. Moreover, you can give your employees the freedom to set their timetables. 

As long as they’re getting the job done on time, they could pick their working hours. By letting your employees choose comfortable working hours, you’ll build a sense of understanding and respect.

A clear time frame needs to be fixed where all team members should be open to participate or discuss projects. The leadership team needs to be available with any suggested schedule.

More so, it’s also crucial to have a process in place for measuring how engaged your work from home employees are through surveys. You can include as many questions as you want in your survey to get accurate feedback from your employees.

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