The best employee recognition programs are vital in a business’ culture and are critical during difficult times, such as after a crisis or a time of uncertainty (like the COVID pandemic).

But how do you recognize your employees when your staff is working remotely or in separate locations?

Moreover, when it comes to convincing executives that employee recognition has a considerable return on investment, how do you go about it?

Furthermore, there are several things to consider when setting up the best employee recognition program. To avoid program exhaustion and low participation, what steps can you take?

The Best Employee Recognition Program Guide for 2021


What are the best practices involved in employee recognition programs?


How to begin with an employee recognition program?

The Best Employee Recognition Program Guide for 2021

Use this guide to learn ideas for employee recognition and design a program that is beneficial and appreciated by the entire workforce.


What are the best practices involved in employee recognition programs?


Want some ideas for employee recognition? As with many best practices, it is crucial to give genuine acknowledgment to your personnel. Try to include the following elements, whatever form of recognition you use. best employee recognition programs

1.Real and Exclusive: You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re being forced or that you’re “checking a box.”

2.Non-Discriminatory: Despite their level, position, title, department, tenure, etc., all employees should have an equal opportunity to give and receive an acknowledgment.

Every employee in the company must be able to get praise for their excellent job, and the criteria for the praise should be explicit and equitably distributed.

3.Particular: Explain what the individual performed, the results of their work, the extent to which it exceeded expectations, how it benefited the team and the organization, and how it influenced the situation.

The wording used to thank someone for a job well done (such as “Thanks for your hard work”) takes the sense of acknowledgment away.

4.Timing: Recognize those who do a wonderful job as soon as you notice it. Retardation diminishes the impact.

5.Frequency: Give your employees a virtual pat on the back or a verbal thank you at least once a week.

To feel valued, people need to get acknowledgment multiple times throughout the year.

According to a survey, sadly, only 3 in 10 employees received recognition in the past seven days.

6.Make it Public: Employees must be recognized by their peers and senior management. Public presentations are not only a means of publicizing the employee’s work, but they also act as an inspiration to the audience.

Moreover, assigning values to behavior and work allows them to recognize what activities and projects are favored at your firm, making them eager to offer more of the same.


How to begin with an employee recognition program?


A good question for you to ask is, “How do you get the recognition program up and running?” Where should you begin?

When implementing a recognition program, here are some factors to keep in mind:

  1. Determine recognition criteria for your employees
  2. Provide recognition tools for employees
  3. Discuss, inform, and inspire
  4. Develop the support and commitment of the leadership team
  5. Choose the right companion

1. Determine recognition criteria for your employees


Prioritize and Clarify your objectives.

The best way to get started is to figure out your organization’s purpose, values, and what values the most to you. Which actions best reflect your values and position your organization to achieve its goals?

Everyone must have an equal opportunity to contribute and to receive.

Achievement of requirements for recognition should be clear, and personnel and places, regardless of tenure, level, or function, should be taken into consideration.

Moreover, it’s significant for employees when leaders and peers applaud their work and when they give acknowledgment. It influences the work environment, employee retention, and company culture.

2. Provide recognition tools for employees


Consider the type of technology you want to use for the best employee recognition program: mobile or computer-based tools, available to anyone, or particular apps that require Internet connectivity.

Recognizing tools should be built into productivity apps and work sites that your employees use daily so that they don’t have to interrupt their workflow.

3. Discuss, inform, and inspire


There should be an emphasis on communication and training while launching a recognition program.

Moreover, to ensure that your new and probably the best employee recognition program generates excitement among your employees’ discussion can play an essential role.

Furthermore, leadership training should make leaders aware of the importance of appreciation, and teach them how to provide it properly.

Don’t lose the excitement and energy during the whole process. Keep your recognition stakes high and keep inspiring.

4. Develop the support and commitment of the leadership team


To get senior management buy-in and commitment is the most critical aspect of making the best employee recognition program.

If executives are not supportive of your project, then your project will fail.

Moreover, your program will end up just being another HR perk, and you won’t be able to acquire the budget and resources necessary for it to be recognized.

Providing information to senior executives on the profitability of your employee appreciation program will earn their support and continued investment.

5. Choose the right companion


Don’t be afraid to go out to other people to assist you in obtaining the best employee recognition program software or constructing one.

Locate a recognized name in the recognition market that has experience with companies similar to yours.

Moreover, start looking for a partner who offers a long-term solution, one that can grow your recognition program, and who can provide more than simply a social wall.


In the end, developing a workplace culture where employees feel valued, motivated, and prosper requires consistent recognition.

Maintain devotion to leadership. Also, ensure that your company’s management understands the value of acknowledgment and the significance of their support and commitment.

Make your best employee recognition program easy to use.

Avoid simply “setting it and forgetting it”. It is paramount to refresh solutions frequently to prevent them from becoming stale.

Keep yourself informed and involved with the program by using communication and reminder techniques.

Train managers on how to acknowledge their employees. Encourage peers to recognize one another.

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