People working in this industry have a tough job to do. They might get biased sometimes in recruiting people and to keep them happy. Well, these people have to deal with almost every kind of people. Keeping the company away from the courts, providing the best resource, and the most important to keep it cost efficient are the roles which these people are playing.

In this article, we have gathered a list of people who transcends in the employees engagement industry.

What is the most important driver(s) of employees engagement?

The employee-manager relationship is considered to be the most important driver of employee engagement. It greatly affects the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of an employee with their work.

The relationship between manager and employee also largely affects employee retention and employee turnover.

What are the types of employee engagement?

The three types of employee engagement

Cognitive employee engagement: It refers to the extent to which an employee is focused on their work.

Emotional employee engagement: It refers to the levels an employee is internally motivated to work.

Physical employee engagement: It refers to how willing an employee is to take on new roles and responsibilities.

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Transcends in the Employees Engagement Industry

Hollie Delaney- Director Hr at Zappos

Everyone loves to shop from Zappos as you can find your most desired products right on one click. It is not happening just like. There is a hardcore team which is working behind. And Hollie is the one who has gathered everybody on a single page to keep it going the way it is now. She believes in recruiting people from social media as it creates the word of mouth. People know more about the company. Also, it helps to build strong customer relationships. Working from home is not an option as she believes if the team stays close to each-other, the productivity will increase.

Kevin Ball- Director Hr at West corporation

In this industry, Kevin ball is a name which is quietly heard by lots of people. With his presence online in the UK, he has also shared his expertise and knowledge with the people on multiple sites like and and bringing reforms in the HR industry with his proactive approach.

Felicia Fields- Group VP HR at Ford Motor Company

Felicia due to her remarkable skill set able to get the ford out of its difficult time. When the previous VP of HR left ford in the period of recession, the new CEO geared up and made a team of people in which he first partnered with Felicia Fields. With her exceptional expertise, they worked together and learnt what things went wrong and what was its impact upon the employees. Moreover, bringing the new strategies and plans helped them get the company out of the difficult times and helped to retain the best employees.

Dianne Mills- Global HR head at Paypal

Now the world is full of freelancers. One is giving work and the other is doing it for them. However, to exchange the money the platform which is being used most commonly is Paypal. It has made the currency virtual. You can send, receive, use a credit card. Whatever means you like, it will help you. This is such a strong online currency and banking website which is not driving on its own. Dianne Mills has put her great efforts in it. Hiring and engaging the best resource who are performing their job remarkably.

Laszlo Bock- SVP, people operations Google

Companies like google which are counted as the best because of the quality of the service and products they are providing. How can we forget it? Laszlo is the senior vice president of the department people operations. Well, Its google so every practice here is different. They do not call it the HR department but have given another name people operations. However, with the quality of the services and products we are using, it can be seen clearly that how well their “People operations” department is functioning. And Laszlo is the one who is leading it.

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