Employee Rewards

Employee rewards are the acknowledgment of the efforts that the employee puts in for a company. 

Companies reward their employees so they may know that their efforts and hard work do not go unnoticed. And that their efforts are not only appreciated but are also worthwhile for the company.

Employee rewards are essential for organizations. So they can keep up with the competitive world. 

How can a company survive, let alone succeed, without its workforce’s dedication? 

Crediting the employees for their work is therefore inevitable. It helps to keep up the good work from them. 

Moreover, it acts as a catalyst for employee productivity and engagement. Therefore, it benefits the organizations ultimately.

With that said, are you looking for the most innovative things happening with employee rewards? If so, you’re at the right place for it.

We extensively researched the new ways of employee rewards and came up with the following. Read them below:

1.  Buying Coffee Subscriptions/Memberships


A coffee or tea routine in the morning is a key to starting the brain instantly. And people with 9 to 5 jobs may need it more than the others do.

Buying your hardworking employees a monthly subscription is a new form of reward. 

Also, not only does that make your employees happy, but it also helps them stay active at work.

2. Peer to Peer Recognition

Employee Rewards

Most often than not, productivity and engagement are acknowledged by a workplace superior in any organization.

However, it has never been the other way round. Until now.

BRAVO, a multi-functional employee rewards & recognition platform, has introduced peer-to-peer recognitions. 

It means that the employees, regardless of their workplace hierarchy, can credit anyone, including the CEO. And that too in real-time.

The recognition leads to earning points. And for a specified number of points rewards are given.

3. Buying the Employee a Plant

Employee Rewards

If there are plants at your workplace, you are likely to have a better work environment. As a result, the employees will be more engaged and productive.

No, these are not our words of mouth only! It is confirmed by the British and Dutch researchers as well. The same research was published in one of the articles of the US News.

The findings of the very research reveal that having greenery in the office increases employee engagement. Precisely, it makes people physically, emotionally, and cognitively much involved in their respective jobs.

That being the reason, gifting an employee a plant has recently become one of the ways of rewarding.

However, it should only be given if the employee welcomes receiving it, or is not allergic, for that matter.

4. Supporting a Donation Cause

Employee Rewards

There are employees in the company who run or support charitable organizations. Rewarding such employees by donating is an innovative form of employee rewards. 

Nevertheless, you may also support the same cause by promoting it on the right platforms.

5. Cookies


Cookies: the one thing that makes the human race united.

The love of cookies for humans is a universal fact. 

Someone who doesn’t like eating cookies has either never tasted them before or has a taste disorder.

So, giving away cookies is the least you can do as recognition of the employee’s efforts. And, it can surely make an employee happy.

However, providing cookies as an employee reward has just been introduced in the organizations. Better late than never!

6. Spotify Premium Subscription


Buying a subscription to Spotify Premium is an innovative way of rewarding employees.

It is one of the creative ways of recognizing an employee’s work and efforts towards the company. 

Employees today also welcome this reward more excitedly, as they can listen to their favorite artist or tracklist without being prompted about purchasing a premium subscription.

7. Inviting to Choose a New Artwork


Inviting your employee in choosing a new artwork for the company’s premises is a new way of rewarding the employees.

In this regard, the employee is invited to choose a piece of art and select the wall space for it.

However, there is a budget to select the art within. The employees also remain mindful of the wall space dimensions.

Read below what Karen Higginbottom has her say in this matter:

“Research by Exeter University’s School of Psychology found that employees who have control over the design and layout of their workspace are not only happier and healthier—they’re also up to 32% more productive.”

–Karen Higginbottom, Forbes

8. Personalized Emojis


Using emojis is not new. But using personalized emoji on the company communication platform is.

Using customized emoji as an employee reward is one of the most innovative forms of employee reward.

In this regard, a company uses a customized emoji for its employees. 

Also, it is one of the sweetest gestures of publicly recognizing an employee’s efforts.

9. Purchasing a Course

Employee Rewards

What could be a better way of providing the employee reward other than the cookies: more cookies. 

Lol, no! Career development.

More recently, companies are helping in the career development of employees, as an employee reward.

To help your employees in their career development is the best form of appreciating one’s hard work.

Moreover, it develops an emotional connection between the employees and the organization.

In regards to this, the company purchases courses for its hard-working employees. And through such courses, the employees are empowered to excel in their careers. 

10. Premium subscription of online tools

Online Tools

Upgrading the office-related online tools as an employee reward is not only innovative but smart too!

It is ingenious. Because, not only that it can be leveraged to reward the employee, but it also increases their work efficiency.

It is a win-win for the company. 

Why most organizations are doing it: providing a tool for enhanced efficiency of the work, apparently as a reward.

Upgrading to a plagiarism checker, online writing assistant, project management tool, etc, are some of the pertaining examples.

Key Takeaways

Appreciating the employees for their good work is inevitable for the organizations. Not only, it ensures its very existence, but it also carries the company forward. 

It carries a company towards success.

Providing cookies, donating to their charity, purchasing a course, etc. are some of the most innovative things happening with employee rewards.

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