For any organization, its employees are its biggest source of success. The growth of a business is defined by the potential of the team that’s running it. Therefore, in today’s business world, smart organizations are shifting their focus towards the enlightenment of their workforce. These organizations understand that the key to a customer’s attraction towards your business is a positive mindset of employees.

Now that global organizations have realized the importance of employee motivation, they’re always looking for better ways to do so. Moreover, with a view to grasping the best idea; the eyes of the business world are set for the next big thing in employee motivation. However, before that let’s list down the factors that play a major role in an employee’s motivation in the first place;

Employee Empowerment

Every person who is given a task at work requires a sense of control in that matter. No one ever likes it when their managers continuously poke them with suggestions and criticism during their work. Managers need to understand this fact and empower their teams to have enough liberty of choice so that they can finish their job better – in peace.

Dignity & Respect

It is an instinctive nature of human beings that they crave for respect. No manager can ever expect better results by hurting the dignity of their juniors or by just not giving them enough respect that they deserve as a human. Therefore, the matter of dignity and respect is very crucial in an employee’s motivation.

Involvement in Decision Making

While devising a strategy and assigning duties to the subordinates, it is very important for the managers to involve the input of their employees. This thing not only boost the confidence of your employees, but it also builds up a sense of confidence and ownership of the job in them.

Mutual Trust

Managers should create an environment of trust in the organization by allowing their employees to responsibly make their own decisions under a minimum number of rules and policies. Doing this would make your employees feel trusted and would enhance their productivity massively.

Feedback & Training

For an employee, especially the fresh talent, feedback & training is everything. A manager must realize this thing and he/she must focus on its deliverance. When you sit down with your employees and help them find and overcome their weak spots, you’re actually giving them a huge boost of motivation subconsciously.

Benefits & Compensation

The first thing that attracts a person for a specific job is the benefits it provides. While we talk about employee motivation, majorly it happens once the employee has opt-in for a job. However, to motivate skilled resources to join, an organization needs to maintain an attractive set of benefits and compensation.

Employee Recognition

Last but the most important factor is employee recognition. If an employee is putting up his/her efforts for the betterment of the company and fulfilling all of his/her duties with responsibility, it becomes the ultimate responsibility of the company to duly recognize his/her efforts.

So, these were the major factors that comprise employee motivation in a company.

But the question still remains, what’s the next big thing the corporate world should expect in the employee motivation industry?

Well, the answer to this question lies in the factors already discussed above. Organizations need to create multiple opportunities for employee engagement, where they can interact and acknowledge each other’s efforts in a healthy and positive way.

Nevertheless, BRAVO paid attention to this market gap and found a way to solve this problem for all of you. We have brought to you a simple yet fun solution for your employees in the form of an engagement platform. BRAVO app is your ultimate answer for employee recognition and rewarding. It does so by creating an online workspace for your organization, where they can actively acknowledge each other’s efforts via sharing good words and bonuses. Therefore, we can proudly proclaim that BRAVO is the next big thing in the employee motivation industry!

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