As the bill gates once nicely said, “The leader needs to create an environment in which people can analyze the situation and develop a good response”. It means providing your employees with an opportunity where they can excel. Activities that keep them engaged. Moreover, engaging activities should not be pegged to the lower level. But, to all levels of organization hierarchy.

Researches have shown that 70% of the workers say that, they are dissatisfied from the career they chose for themselves. Dissatisfaction leads to disengagement. And there is a dire need of keeping the employees engaged in the workplace because companies who have engaged employees are 21% more profitable.

There are so many other reasons, being a business owner, for which you have to work on it. Two of them are listed below;

Helps in CSR activities

Companies are usually involved in CSR activities. And if at any certain period of time, company indulges in some noble cause then these employees would stand with you at front.

You cannot convince someone to do something which they do not like. However, if you make sure that your employees are enjoying the work then they will actively participate.

Apart from the CSR, the company’s usual marketing can also take place to a great extent with the help of them. For example; If you are making a video to show the company’s culture and environment. Then, they would actively participate without any enforcements.

Higher the engagement, higher the productivity

It is so obvious that when employees feel engaged they build a strong connection with the company. It gives them feel to do the work with more passion and dedication.

Engagement leads to higher productivity. They stick by the company. When you are happy with what you are doing then why in seven heavens you want to break up with the significant other. Change is good but affiliation and habituation also play a great role. sometimes change turns into good but the same thing can happen in reverse too.

So, if you want your employees to be a part of your company, then keep them engaged. Which in return leads to greater productivity.

You can learn more about employee engagement, i.e. how can you do it.

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