How To Use Employee Recognition Software To Reward Employees

An employee recognition software helps recognize and reward the employees who put great efforts towards achieving goals for their company. Furthermore, such software helps in keeping dedicated employees with the company.

Recognition software is generally used as part of the recognition program. However, the purpose of both remains the same: to make and keep the employees working hard for the company.

It is essential to use a recognition program and its pertaining software for recognizing the employees. For, it increases the overall workplace productivity and efficiency. The following states also advocate the same:

87% of the employees, in a survey, revealed that recognition for their work gave them more focus and motivation. Additionally, it increased their engagement and dedication to their roles.

A study reveals that employee recognition makes employees work hard, which makes their performance better. The study also shows that even a small gesture of appreciation can go a long way in making the most of your workforce.

The role of an employee recognition program and its software is vital for the success of a company. However, for leveraging such software or program, one needs to know the best ways to use them.

This article discusses the ways to use employee recognition software for recognizing and rewarding your employees. So, give it a read below:

Understanding various types of employee recognition

To use employee recognition software better, understanding various types of recognition is essential. For, it makes it clear how and when you should use the software. And following are some of the most familiar recognition programs:

Public Recognition

Public Recognition

As with its name, public recognition involves the public acknowledgment of the efforts and contributions of the employees.

Companies perform such recognition using public mediums such as social platforms, company newsletters, recognition boards, etc.

Private Recognition

Private Recognition

A private recognition implies an appreciation that one performs privately. Thus it includes an appreciative handwritten note, in-person recognition, appreciation emails, etc.

Monetary Recognition

Monetary Recognition

A company may also recognize and reward its employees using monetary rewards. And the most common example is pay raise.

In addition to this, employees may also receive monetary rewards in the form of sponsored vacations.

Promotion-based Recognition

Promotion-based Recognition

While promotion is given on company-defined criteria, some companies also promote their employees to recognize their achievement.

When the employees receive a promotion for their efforts and hard work, we call it promotion-based recognition.

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How to use employee recognition software to reward employees?


use employee recognition software to reward employees

One of the crucial things to do in your employee recognition software is to be frequent in your employee recognition. It means that you should recognize your employees more often. And appreciating them only when they give an extraordinary performance is not ideal.

As an employer, you should credit and reward your employees for every action, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. And remember the law of nature: smaller things lead to the bigger ones, eventually.

Additionally, a company with continuous recognition and rewards culture is more likely to witness dedication in its employees. The reason is the constant appreciation that incites motivation in the employees and makes them more loyal.


Specifically with Employee Recognition Software

You can use employee recognition software by being specific in your recognition. And it is one of the main elements of employee recognition as well.

You must use employee recognition software soon after your employees perform a work worthy of appreciation. It also helps to clarify which work, or behavior, of the employee-led you, the employer, to perform recognition.

When you use recognition software for a precise action, it makes the employees repeat the same activity. On the other hand, when your use of such software is not particular, it makes recognition ambiguous and dubious.

Without your use being precise, the employees are unable to repeat the actions that earned them appreciation. Furthermore, the credibility of recognition and rewards also becomes questionable.



Your recognition should be non-discriminatory while using employee recognition software. In other words, one should be acknowledging their employees without any bias of race, color, religion, etc.,

 Furthermore, the workplace hierarchy should also not make the recognition inclined towards employees at higher positions only.

When your recognition program is neutral, the use of the related software also becomes neutral. To be precise, you should be using the employee recognition software without any favoritism or prejudice.



Your employee appreciation could be either private or public. However, when using the recognition software, you should recognize your employees publicly. And it is an excellent practice of using employee recognition software.

When you appreciate your employees publicly, it is a win-win situation for a company.

Publicly acknowledging the workforce puts them in the limelight. And this makes the rest of the workforce desire to enjoy the same. As a result, it makes the employees work harder and perform better.  

It results in healthy competition among your workforce because every employee starts to inspire public credit. As a consequence, their performance fosters. And subsequently, a company thrives.



Employee recognition software should be used promptly to reward employees. Besides, using it promptly makes your recognition and rewards program successful.

When you are quick in recognizing your employees, it motivates them to keep performing better. Such actions, resultantly, benefit a company.

Not using the recognition software to reward and recognize quickly may not significantly affect your recognition program. However, the employees may not work with the same motivation level that helped them earn recognition.


An employee recognition software or program can help a company in making its employees ideal in their performance. It also gives them the motivation and dedication required for achieving a company’s long-term goals.

Nevertheless, for maximizing such software, an understanding of its use is mandatory. It is also then you can receive its maximum output. So, this article discusses the how and when of using recognition software in detail.

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