Nothing could be more difficult for an employer to satisfy his employees. Human resource is acting as a pivot for any organization. If this pivot breaks, the whole building collapse. Therefore, employers need to invest an extra effort to keep it firm at its place. Now the question here arises, how can he do that?

Well, when you put too much workload on your employees they would easily get bored of. No human can work for consecutive 9 to 10 hours and provide you with optimal output. However, if you introduce the breaks of a short interval in which they can play sports of their personal liking and interests, it will keep them motivated. It will engage them as well. Moreover, when different employees come together and play, the overall environment gets better.

By far you have learnt how much sport can do well to your employees and to your business eventually. Now you will learn how you can implement it in your company.

Get to know the hobbies of your employees

What first thing you have to do is to know and understand the hobbies of your employees. For this, you can create a poll and can fill out a survey form in which everyone can share their interest. You can ask them questions regarding their favourite sports, what they would like to do in their free time and what are the things that can relax them.

Once you done with these questions and responded by them. You need to move to the second phase.

Find and select the sports that are in accord with their interests

Now, your job is to find out the related activities and the sports that can be played on the company’s ground. For example;

  • Fooseball
  • Table tennis
  • Jenga
  • Badminton
  • Snooker

These are the games that are most likeable by the employees and helps you to keep them motivated. These sports will help the employees to apply the basic principles of teamwork, agility, confidence, precision, and lot more. Not just this but it will make them physically fit.

As you know sound minds will cause more productivity. And sports are the one that plays a great role in doing so.

Encourage employees to participate

The last and final step that you will do is to encourage your employees to come and participate. There will be some employees who are waiting for this moment to happen whereas there might be some boring and dull who won’t show any interest. You need to encourage them.

For them, you can create tournaments for different sport and whoever wins, incentivize them. This is the best way you can engage them in several activities that would prove as beneficial for them as well as for your company.

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