Employee recognition is a well-deserved confession of employee efforts, behavior, and efficiency. It is a powerful tactic to motivate employees and bolster their required level of performance. More so,  periodic employee recognition happens to disclose the full potential of your employees, which in turn lets an organization earn more profits and better brand recognition.

Well, the importance of everything in the world happens to change with time, but that’s not the case with employee recognition. It must always be at a high priority, as the craving for recognition and praise in human beings is a basic distinct which can never be withdrawn.

One year from now, the benefits of employee recognition will more or less remain the same, but its importance will definitely increase. The importance is associated with the increase in competition. Moreover, with the competition, the need to keep your employees motivated also increases.

We have compiled a few tactics for you to enhance your knowledge and making you able to get a broader perspective.

1. Saying “Thank You” Can Mean A lot

If an employee is working day and night to achieve an organizational goal and happens to achieve it after putting in tremendous efforts, then it’s logical for him to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Now, if the organization wants it’s employees to work with the same zest and zeal, it must say the word “thanks” to retain their full potential.  A simple word of appreciation can make an employee feel that his efforts are not going unseen but are recognized, and they, in turn, happen to work even better in the future.

2. Celebrating Hard Work & Efforts

If an employee is putting his best to achieve his goals and meet his targets, then it’s a compulsion for the company to celebrate those efforts. You can do it in various ways, like distributing quarterly/annual bonuses, taking employees on a tour, etc. This not only motivates them but also happens to create a strong emotional bonding between the organization and the employee.

3. Explaining what the organization values more

When the management regularly appreciates the efforts of employees, they are actually giving them a guideline about; what they value and what is the right direction to put their efforts. If an employee gets an understanding of the action that is recognized and rewarded; they happen to imitate it in the future, hence adding value to the company.

4. Use the preferred medium for communication

In the current era, employees always prefer an easy way to communicate stuff in the organization. More so, they feel motivated when their managers happen to follow an unconventional medium of communication for information outflow. (whatever is the employees prefer)

It’s never a hard and fast rule to use only emails for official conversation. If your employee feels ease in using Whatsapp, provide him/her the liberty.


To cut the whole story short; the importance of employee recognition will definitely increase with time. And if not prioritized, one can be left far behind in the clutter of competition. If an organization wants better profits, sales, and brand image in the market, then it must recognize its valuable resources. You must also note that you can improvise with the change in technology, but the basics always remain the same.

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