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Recognition at the workplace is what differentiates good companies from great companies. Employees want their efforts and time to be valued and appreciated. Continue reading to find out why you should spend more time thinking about employee recognition:

1.What is employee recognition?

First, let’s start by defining employee recognition. It is the recognition of an employee’s or a team’s efforts and behaviour which align with the company’s goals and values.

As Dr. Ashley Whillans from the Harvard Business School, summarized this issue concisely in a 2019 article:

What really matters in the workplace is helping employees feel appreciated.

When you appreciate your employees and you recognize their efforts, you show them that they are a valued member of your organization. This leads to more job satisfaction, higher productivity rates and less employee turnover.

Employee Appreciation

2. Why you should use employee recognition at your workplace?

Using employee recognition can bring about many benefits in your workplace. Some examples of those include:

  • Increased productivity – this applies to both individual level and team level! By recognizing and encouraging a certain type of productive behaviour, you increase the repetition of said behaviour.
  • More job satisfaction – happy employees lead to happy customers
  • Employee feedback is easier to generate and provide
  • Employee loyalty increases
  • Teamwork increases
  • Retention increases and employee turnover decreases – disengaged employees are twice as likely as engaged employees to seek new jobs (Gallup)
  • Less absenteeism and days off work
  • Lower stress levels

3. Next steps

A Gallup analysis in 2018 found that only 1 in 3 US workers strongly agreed they have received recognition or praise for doing good work in the last week. 

Gallup professionals even recommend that recognition should be given weekly in broad terms to those who deserve it. This should be done in a timely manner so that the employee knows the significance of their most recent achievements. Therefore, spend time and effort into setting up an employee recognition program. What can help you even more is if you tie your recognition and rewards to feedback received by your customers. In this way, you can most effectively show your employees how important their work is to the success of the company and motivate them to continue to give their best!

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