Well, the question here should not be about the possibility of Employee Recognition ruling the corporate world. Instead, it should be about, “how soon would the organizations realize the need to adapt to this culture?”. Because in this modern corporate world, many companies have already realized that the key to a happy customer base is a happy workforce.

Your employees are your internal customers and if they’re loyal to your company, it means your external customers will be too. When we talk about employee retention and employee turnover rate, one thing that companies need to know; is that the employees do not quit their jobs, they quit their managers.

For any business, the first and last goal is to earn higher profits. Moreover, to earn higher profits a business needs to have maximum productivity at a minimum cost. And this thing is only possible when every member of the team is willing to put their best efforts into the process.

Why is Employee Recognition important?

A proper employee recognition program can do wonders for your company’s human resources. Here are some key benefits it can provide you;

1.Increased level of productivity

When you recognize your employees for their positive contribution towards achieving organizational goals, they feel empowered and motivated to work the extra mile. Thus, enhancing the organizational profits and repute as a whole.

2. Increased level of loyalty

When the seniors in the organization admire the work of their employees, sit with them and value their contributions towards the organization, the employees feel worthy enough and tend to stay for a longer time with the organization.

3. Less absenteeism from work

A healthy work environment where employees get credited for their work never faces the issue of excessive absenteeism. When the employees are positively rewarded for their work and are made to realize that their work is important for the company, they become more responsible. They develop a sense of devotion in their behavior and they like to come to work every day.

4. Increased attention of potential clients

It’s actually a chain reaction, when you recognize your employees – they work more efficiently than ever before which results in better productivity. Better productivity means that the client needs are met properly, which in turn attracts more potential clients and let the organization earn more profits.


In conclusion, it should be pretty evident by now that employee recognition is already ruling the corporate world. Only those organizations attract skilled workers, who treasure and acknowledge the contributions of their people.

Nonetheless, if we were to sum up our whole discussion into one sentence, that would be; “A happy employee reciprocates a happy customer”.

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