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Fuel Your Team's Engagement, Now on Microsoft Team

BRAVO is integrated with Microsoft Teams to help companies create a culture of employee recognition within the environment of Microsoft Teams

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Communication and Collaboration

Integrate BRAVO with Microsoft Teams to make a winning combination for enhancing communication, collaboration, and employee motivation; it allows businesses to foster a more motivated and engaged workforce


Better Teamwork

Effective recognition is vital to improving teamwork. Integrate BRAVO with Microsoft Teams to enhance your team’s cohesiveness and motivation with minimal effort. It can improve your team’s morale and productivity


Improved Workplace Motivation

Integrate BRAVO with Microsoft Teams to create a motivated workplace. BRAVO, integrated with Microsoft Teams, streamlines the recognition process and makes it easier for managers to reward their team members

It Is Time To Say BRAVO To Your Teams!

Now share BRAVO's AI-driven recognition and rewards with your teams within the environment of Microsoft Teams


Seamless Recognition

BRAVO offers a smooth and effortless way of employee recognition through Microsoft Teams. Employees can instantly express their recognition without leaving the Teams platform. This seamless process ensures that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed


Allow Managers To Share On-spot Recognition

Give managers a simple way to distribute rewards when a quality job is done. Employees may select rewards from vendors from over 40 countries with the reward points they receive from their managers

Infuse AI-driven employee recognition into Microsoft Teams communication and collaboration!

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