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Improve Your Team's Productivity.
Add Focus To Their Routines.

Get motivation for accomplishing the tasks that you are focusing on by sharing it with your team.


Greater Motivation

Announcing a difficult task publicly makes employees push their limits to achieve it, which brings out their true potential.


Enhanced Productivity

Publicizing the tasks makes employees motivated to stay on the course of achieving the shared work, which boosts the overall productivity.


Job Satisfaction

Sharing the task with your team helps to earn a public acknowledgement on its successful completion, leading to job satisfaction.

Focus Gets You Motivated For Achievements

Pump in the required motivation by announcing what you are focused at by using BRAVO! Focus.


Individual Focus

Set personal focus and get inspired for making an achievement by claiming what you want to achieve as an individual in front of the entire team.


Tag Team Members

Give a sense of shared responsibility to the team members that are with you on a project, by simply tagging them in the post and let your whole team stand-out after achieving the focus together.


Timely Completion

BRAVO! Focus lets employees set their own task deadlines making them work not only to achieve their publicly stated focus but also work hard for its timely compilation.

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