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Celebrations with Rewards and Recognition

  • Skyrocket employee engagement and happiness
  • Recognize the right values and behaviors without a problem
  • Improve internal collaborations in an exciting way
  • Let all of your employees recognize each other freely
  • Keep track of each team member’s individual and team performance

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Develop The Culture Of Rewards And Recognition

Your team's productivity can be boosted by a simple act of compassion and recognition. Integrate a performance-based rewards system to improve your company's culture.


Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Empower your staff to share feedback on a peer-to-peer basis with an aim to scale up the team performance


Goals & Focus Management

Share the tasks under your focus with your team and get the motivation to accomplish them successfully


Powerful Engagement Surveys

Get closer to your teams by knowing how they feel about your company via our personalized engagement surveys

Awesome Features For Your Awesome Team

Here are some of the core features offered by BRAVO! to help you strengthen and build a workplace culture with rewards and recognition that is positive as well as full of motivation.


Displayable leaderboards to keep up a healthy competition among your team members.

Smart Analytics

Get in-depth insights on each team member’s performance.

Organizational Results

Incorporate the feedback from your Customers and share it with your employees for an additional boost

Compliant With All Local Regulations

Data protection, local hosting and anonymization support are a few of the many security hallmarks

Built-In Rewards Store

An enticing reward store filled with various rewards from across the globe

Special Event Rewards

AI-powered rewards and recognition for special occasions like employee birthdays, work anniversaries, or new year, etc

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