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Like doing everything on Slack? Let's Do Recognition too!

All new BRAVO's Slack app lets you recognize and reward your employees' achievements within your team conversations.

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Healthy Workplace Culture

Communication And Recognition go hand-in-hand in making a workplace culture healthier. Now you can do both without leaving your Slack app.


Empowering Workforce

Make your workforce empowered in sharing ideas and acknowledging others by making use of the peer-to-peer recognition while staying connected on Slack.


Single Platform

Collaboration, Communication and Recognition on a single platform is now possible using BRAVO’s smart integration on Slack.

BRAVO Is Here To Cut You Some Slack!

Now share BRAVO's recognition and rewards with your teams on the go, using your Slack app.


Noticeable and Impactful Motivation

Make public acknowledgement easier and more prominent by either creating exclusive Slack channels for recognition or sharing reward points in other team channels.


Frequent Recognition

Rewarding your fellow teammates is now as easy as sending a message. With BRAVO’s integration on Slack, you can send instant recognition and reward points using the /bravo login and then /bravo reward commands in all your company channels. More so, in case of any confusion, /bravo help is there to assist you.

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