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Like doing everything on Slack? Let's Do Recognition too!

Say goodbye to switching between multiple tools and integrate BRAVO! with Slack for a modernized AI-powered approach to employee recognition within your team conversations

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Healthy Workplace Culture

Empower your team to seamlessly recognize and reward one another’s successes within Slack channels. With BRAVO! and Slack integration, you can create a culture of appreciation that fuels your team’s success


Empowering Workforce

BRAVO! and Slack make it easy for your team to stay engaged and motivated, whether in the office or working remotely. Celebrate your team’s achievements and inspire excellence with BRAVO! and Slack peer-to-peer recognition


Single Platform

Collaboration, communication, and celebration all in one place? With BRAVO!’s smart integration on Slack, it’s now possible! Empower your team to work smarter with the power of AI

Take Your Slack Game to the Next Level with BRAVO - AI-driven Recognition

Take your team's recognition and rewards on the go with BRAVO!'s integration with the Slack app


Noticeable and Impactful Motivation

Integrate BRAVO! with Slack to make public acknowledgment of your team’s achievements easier and more prominent. Whether you want to create exclusive channels dedicated to recognition or share reward points in other team channels, BRAVO! Make it simple


Frequent Recognition

With BRAVO!’s integration on Slack, rewarding your fellow teammates is as simple as sending a message. Log in to BRAVO! and use reward commands in any of your company channels to send instant recognition and reward points. Elevate your team’s collaboration and communication with seamless recognition and rewards, thanks to BRAVO! and Slack integration

Boost Your Slack Channels with BRAVO! Integration and enjoy instant AI-powered recognition and rewards!

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