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Quick Insights to Employee Performance & Engagement Makes Recognition Easier

Bravo’s Activity Dashboard provides in-depth reporting to help you track your employees’ performance and engagement for evaluating, appreciating, and empowering them to perform even better.

Analyze With Clear & Purposeful Metrics

A solid built-in advanced reporting tool helps you customize & analyze your employee recognition program and make informed decisions.


Monitor Employee Trends In Real-Time

Discover your employee performance and engagement trends and get comprehensive data visibility to monitor critical statistics in real-time easily.


Stay Acquainted And Informed

The interactive dashboard helps you take on a data-driven approach to HR and become acquainted with your employees to accommodate their needs and requirements better and faster.


Support Your Employees & Boost Business Growth

Our easy-to-use activity dashboard allows you to support your employees, helping them grow, and create a culture of connection, empowerment, and gratitude.

Performance Measurement & Employee Recognition Like Never Before

Best Employee Recognition Program


Effortless Employee Management

Bravo’s unique features are the center of employee management. They are designed to deliver a holistic solution to support easily, clarify expectations, set priorities, and empower managers’ success.


Peer-To-Peer Recognition

Let your staff appreciate and upskill one another by offering their feedback to each other and drive desired business results and employee engagement at the same time.


Remote Team Development

Provide support and guidance to help your teams stay closely connected and high-performing wherever they are.


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