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With our highly interactive and automated reward management system, your employees can be themselves while giving and receiving recognition for achieving good organizational results – in a fun way.


Engaging Experience

BRAVO’s highly interactive interface allows the team members to engage easily and feel appreciated for their work at the same time.


Monthly Allowance

Each employee gets a specific allowance at the beginning of every month to share small rewards with their team members in recognition of their efforts.


Referral Bonuses

Employees are not only entitled to their due Praise Points rather they can also earn added points as bonuses upon inviting their team members on the platform.

Rewards That Your Employees Celebrate!


BRAVO Rewards

The extensive reward collection that BRAVO offers stretches from cash vouchers to gift cards from the world’s top brands. The goal is simple; to see a smile on the face of your employees.


Custom Rewards

The canvas is yours to paint, add up any exclusive reward that best suits the culture of your organization.

Make recognition exciting for your teams with BRAVO!

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Our Awesome Features


Keep the motivation kicking with BRAVO’s displayable leaderboard. Let the employees want to see their names on it.

BRAVO’s Smart Analytics

See who’s winning more and who needs a little boost to shine with BRAVO’s detailed analytics and reporting feature.

Organizational Results

Easily integrate all customer feedback from all sources and share them with your employees and boost your corporate performance.

Compliant With All Local Regulations

Built-in data protection, local hosting, anonymization support to comply with local regulations.

Built-in Rewards Store

Recognize organizational results and encourage employees with points and rewards.

Special Event Rewards

Automated rewards on special occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, and New Year.

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